Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Eek! A liberal finds a flag on his lawn

After my post on why some liberals seem to feel uncomfortable with expressions of patriotism, they seemed to conspire to provide evidence to support my claim. In the Los Angeles Times Joel Stein has a rambling rant, entitled "Eek a flag on my lawn!" I kid you not. His exclamation was inspired upon finding that a realtor had stuck flags on all the lawns in his neighborhood. First he tries to figure out what to do with the flag - should he throw it out or would that be a desecration of the flag? Finally, he calls the realtor to confront her about her promotional gimmick.
Massengale told me that in the town she grew up in near St. Louis, most people kept a flag up all year. Even though I've seen tons of neighborhoods that do this, I've never actually lived in one. I've also never lived in a neighborhood that had those flags reminding you of the holidays and seasons. In fact, I've always looked down on those places. If you need semaphore to inform each other that it's going to get hotter in the upcoming months, nobody is putting a magnet school in your community.
Okay, what kind of elitist snob looks down on neighborhoods where people put out the flag? He even has contempt for the seasonal displays that some people put up. He must have never lived in your average suburb. I suppose he learned to look down on that sort of house decoration when he was working for Martha Stewart.
So the reason I didn't want to put a flag outside wasn't because I disapprove of our international policies. It was because I didn't want to associate myself with the other people who put them up, and with their unquestioning, tribal, us-versus-them, arrogant mentality. Though I love being American, I don't want to proclaim it as the sole basis of my identity.
I guess he's content with letting arrogant blatherings in his newspaper column proclaim his identity instead. I realize that the guy is trying to be funny, but his snottiness shines through and overshadows whatever humor there might be.

And how the blankety-blank does he get off assuming that people who put up the flag are the "unquestioning, tribal, us-versus-them, arrogant" types? Talk about stereotyping most of the nation. I gather that LA columnists really don't understand what people are like in flyover country. Has he ever talked to people about why they put up the flag? I'm sure we could give him an earful. I'd refer him to my post about what I love about this country, but I don't think this guy operates on that level. It seems that he is more concerned with just not appearing to be like those people he seems to disdain so much. The flag doesn't seem to have any connection for him to the ideals of our country. All it is for him is a marker that separates the cool crowd from those knuckle-draggers who put out the flag and are too stupid to know why they shouldn't be doing so. What piffle! And this guy gets paid for writing this stuff! Amazing.

You might remember that this is the guy who wrote a column about how he didn't support the troops because he thought it was hypocritical to support them when he didn't support the war they were fighting in. (The column is gone from the LAT website, but LGF has an extensive quote.)

Hugh Hewitt had Stein on his show and just totally exposed him by simply getting to admit that he didn't really know anyone in the military. Stein just can't bring himself to support our military anywhere except when they were doing humanitarian work. Just read through that transcript and you'll get a very complete idea of what type of guy this is. I think Hugh is going to have to haul Stein in again, if Stein has any guts left after the evisceration that Hugh performed on him back in January.

And, if you needed any more reason to despise this guy,how about this: he doesn't even like Harry Potter. That's it! Off with his head!