Saturday, September 10, 2005

Lorie Byrd is angry that none of the media outlets have followed up on the story that Lousiana state officials kept the Red Cross and Salvation Army from delivering water, food, and hygenic supplies to New Orleans after the hurricane hit. (If you've missed this story because you depend on the MSM for your information, catch up here, here,and here) Lorie and Politicalities are ready for a revolution. So far, only conservative sites have written this story up.

Look, this story is news. If it's not true, then there is a major story that the leaders of the Red Cross and the Salvation Army went on TV and alleged that they were kept out. If it is true, it's a crucial piece of the puzzle to explain what happened in the Superdome and Convention Center. The media is being derelict in its duty in not covering the story, either way. Perhaps, they can stop congratulating themselves on how well they have done in covering this story and start asking some hard questions.