Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Cruising the Web

Listening to the news yesterday brought home once again what happens when we elect a reality show star for president. This whole story with Omarosa is really hilarious, albeit also depressing that this woman was ever hired. And Trump's tweets about her were really peak Trump. First he tells us what a stupid loser she was, but he hired her anyway simply because she begged him for a job.Hiring the best people - or at least the ones who beg him. So he ended up firing her a total of four times, but he had to get someone else to fire her when she was in the White House. And why was he reluctant to fire her? Well, he tells us in his own inimitable way.
He openly admits that he wanted to keep her solely because she had been sucking up to him. She was a loser and nasty and didn't do her work. But she said not good, not great, but GREAT things about him so he would have liked to work it out. It's as if he has absolutely no self-awareness at all.

While it's entertaining to see the dueling accusations between these two self-creations, it is really a sad moment that this is what we've devolved into. Whom to believe is the truly "unhinged" reality star?

Trump hires none but the best.

This is how stupid the opposition to Brett Kavanaugh has gotten. The leftist group ProPublica is now soliciting photos that people might have taken of Brett Kavanaugh at a Nationals game. Note the scary red outline in the photo. They're still hung up on the idea that Kavanaugh put the tickets that he bought for a group of friends who then reimbursed him. ProPublica has questions.
But the White House and Kavanaugh are not answering questions about what happened. Who did Kavanaugh buy tickets for? How did they reimburse him? Was this properly disclosed? And how was all of this treated for tax purposes?
So they're hoping that people took photos of random people in the crowd at games and then will go through all those photos to see if Kavanaugh was there with some mysterious and nefarious friends.
We’re not sure what we’ll find. But we do know that people take a lot of pictures at baseball games. Did you see Judge Kavanaugh at a game? Did you attend a game with him? Do you have any photos, and if so, will you send them our way?
They mention that they know that he's gone to games in the past with another judge.
He has reportedly gone to games in the past with U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg, an Obama nominee who is his ex-roommate from law school.
Sounds suspect doesn't it" And they have a basic idea of where he might have had seats and that he wore blue striped polo shirts. Oh, my!

They really seem stuck on stupid. It shows how desperate they are to stop him. They have no idea what they might find - not even any rumors that might taint Kavanaugh, but they are willing to engage in a public fishing expedition in the desperate hope that they'll find out something more incriminating than he went to the game with an Obama appointee to the court. WHy not focus on what they do have that might be relevant? They have over 300 opinions that he's made from the federal bench. But that's not enough - they need to play Where's Waldo with Nats' crowds to find out...what? From the picture in the tweet, it looks like he was at the game with one of his daughters. What a scandal!

Ed Morrissey comments on this idiocy.
“We’re not sure what we’ll find” appears to be journalistic code for we’re on a fishing expedition. The report mentions in the lead that Kavanaugh “accrued as much as $200,000 in debt” to buy season tickets, which is accurate as far as it goes. He fronted the costs for several season tickets shared between friends and got reimbursed, and it’s highly unlikely that it amounted to anything close to $200,000. The debt was reported in a range between $60K and $200K, and the most expensive season tickets run about $6,000 each. ProPublica wonders “how … this was treated for tax purposes,” which is a strange question for reimbursements of shared costs. There are as many tax implications for that as there would be for anyone — none whatsoever.

Besides, ProPublica isn’t trolling for input from tax attorneys specializing in tontines. They’re begging for pictures to see who Kavanaugh invited to the games themselves, on the premise that it would provide “a better sense of what went into this unusual amount of debt” … which Kavanaugh quickly retired anyway. And we already know what went into it — the tickets, which Kavanaugh used himself. If ProPublica thinks something else went into it, why would pictures of Kavanaugh’s seat buddies reveal it?

That’s not the real point of this effort, though. This journalistic enterprise also thinks his “relationships” will potentially “raise questions” about his ability to perform as a Supreme Court justice. Really? What other nominee to the court had his or her friendships scrutinized in such a manner? And better yet, why would this be at all informative, let alone its relative value to the hundreds of opinions Kavanaugh has authored in twelve years on the appellate circuit? Wouldn’t it be a better use of journalistic resources to conduct research there, rather than on Kavanaugh’s seat partner at baseball games for which he paid the ticket fees?
If this plea for help thrown into the wind is any indication of what they're sinking to in their opposition research, Kavanaugh can rest easy.

This is the leader of the Labour Party.
Jeremy Corbyn said he was present but not involved at a wreath-laying for individuals behind the group that carried out the Munich Olympic massacre, a partial admission that led to a row between him and Israel’s prime minister.

The Labour leader had been asked if Palestinian leaders linked to the Black September terror group were also honoured at a memorial event he attended in Tunisia in 2014, at which victims of the 1985 Israeli airstrike in Tunis were remembered.

Corbyn said “a wreath was indeed laid” for “some of those who were killed in Paris in 1992” and added, in response to a question: “I was present at that wreath-laying, I don’t think I was actually involved in it.”

He added: “I was there because I wanted to see a fitting memorial to everyone who has died in every terrorist incident everywhere because we have to end it. You cannot pursue peace by a cycle of violence; the only way you can pursue peace [is] by a cycle of dialogue.”

Corbyn was speaking two days after the Daily Mail unearthed pictures of the Labour MP holding a wreath at the event, near the graves of four Palestinian leaders believed to be connected to Black September, which carried out the terror attack on Israelis at the 1972 Olympics, where 11 people died.

Labour has previously said Corbyn had already made clear he was paying his respects to the victims of a 1985 Israeli airstrike on Palestinian Liberation Organisation offices in Tunis. But Corbyn’s remarks, the first time he has spoken since the Mail story on Saturday, indicate that another wreath-laying took place at the memorial event.
So he's photographed carrying a wreath but now says that he doesn't think was "actually involved in it [the wreath-laying]." Yeah, sure. Why would he even be anywhere near a memorial of the terrorists who killed the Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics? And he originally claimed that he wasn't involved in the wreath-laying until a photograph showed him carrying the wreath. And he then went on to speak at the conference celebrating many involved in terrorism.
Corbyn claims he was just honoring the victims of terrorism. Yeah, because the best way to do that is to go to a ceremony honoring members of the terrorist organization while holding a wreath along with one of their members. And he might have honored members of the PLO killed by an Israeli air strike, but he's never honored Israeli victims of violence including the athletes killed in Munich. The widows of those athletes are not impressed with Corbyn's choice of whom to honor.
Ankie Spitzer and Ilana Romano, whose husbands Andre and Yossef were among 11 athletes taken hostage and killed at the 1972 Munich Olympics, warned the Labour leader that he would be "judged by the company you keep".

....Labour said that Mr Corbyn had already made clear he was paying his respects to the victims of a 1985 Israeli air strike on Palestinian Liberation Organisation offices in Tunis.

But the Mail said its own visit to the graveyard showed that the pictures were taken in front of a plaque honouring the founder of Black September, which carried out the massacre, while the air strike memorial was 15 yards away.

Mrs Spitzer and Mrs Romano told the Jewish News: “We do not recall a visit of Mr Corbyn to the graves of our murdered fathers, sons and husbands.

“They only went to the Olympic Games in order to participate in this festival of love, peace and brotherhood; but they all returned home in coffins.

“For Mr Corbyn to honour these terrorists is the ultimate act of maliciousness, cruelty and stupidity.”

And they added: “Do not forget, Mr Corbyn, that you will be judged by the company you keep.”

He went on to speak at a "special" conference in the country where groups including Fatah, terror organisations Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine were there.
Don't be shocked, as the Daily Mail reported last year, Corbyn has a 30-year record of associating with terrorists.
Throughout the Eighties and Nineties, Corbyn and McDonnell were the IRA's most vigorous allies in Westminster, attending the annual gathering of the Wolfe Tone Society, an organisation which honours dead IRA members and imprisoned volunteers. The event's 1986 programme declared: 'Force of arms is the only method capable of bringing about a free and united socialist Ireland.'....

At a Sinn Fein fundraiser in 2004, McDonnell was given a special award for 'unfailing political and personal support he has given to the republican community'. The plaque was presented by an IRA terrorist who in 1973 bombed the Old Bailey, killing one and injuring almost 200, and in 1983 led a breakout of IRA inmates from the Maze prison, during which he shot a prison officer in the head.

During the 2015 Labour leadership election, Corbyn was repeatedly asked whether he condemned murders by the IRA but refused to answer, saying only: 'I condemn what was done by the British Army as well as the other sides.'

Last month, on a Sunday morning TV interview, Corbyn was asked five times to 'unequivocally condemn' the IRA. Five times he declined.
You know, if you're a politician given an opportunity to condemn murder and you refuse to do it, that should be enough. Yet this is the guy the Labour Party has chosen as its leader and would like to make prime minister. And he's gone even further in his support of murdering terrorists.
In 1984, Corbyn lobbied a variety of 'Latin American cultural organisations' on behalf what he called 'comrades in the M-19 movement' in Colombia. These 'comrades', according to the Sunday Times, had car-bombed, shot, tortured and killed their way across the country in recent years.

The men accused of the Lockerbie bombing, in which 270 died, were also helped by Corbyn. In 1992, he signed a letter supporting their bid to avoid trial in either the UK or America. 'One has to ask whether they would receive a fair trial in a British or US court,' he said.

After 9/11, Corbyn wrote in the Socialist Campaign Group News, a paper for Left-wing MPs, blaming the tragedy on the West and its 'blanket support for Israel's occupation of Palestine'.

Similarly, he said America was ultimately to blame after Islamists killed 200 in Bali. 'The bomb was tragic, but it follows a history of great atrocity in Indonesia,' he wrote in 2002. 'The CIA inspired a coup in Indonesia in 1968. Hundreds of thousands of communists, socialists, trade unionists and others were executed in their homes overnight by agents of the CIA.' In fact, there was no coup in Indonesia in 1968.

In a 2009 speech, Corbyn said: 'It will be my pleasure and honour to host an event in Parliament where our friends from Hezbollah will be speaking… I've also invited our friends from Hamas to come and speak.' Asked why he'd called the terror groups 'friends', he said: 'It was inclusive language which with hindsight I would rather not have used. I regret using those words.'

Finsbury Park Mosque, where Islamist rabble-rouser Abu Hamza once preached, counts local MP Corbyn as a longstanding supporter. In 2014, he joined a group there to welcome Abdallah Djaballah — a controversial imam who has called on fellow countrymen to 'wage holy Muslim war' against Britain and the U.S.
Yeah, if you were a British voter, would you like this guy in charge of national security?

When we study the bureaucracy in my class, we talk about the five pathologies in bureaucracies, one of which is duplication. Here is a prime example.
Federal agencies have launched several offices and programs since the 2016 election that are intended to secure cyberspace, but some are warning that this is only creating more confusion among the private sector, since President Trump's White House hasn't done enough to help coordinate them.

Experts say the existence of a dozen independent cybersecurity operations with overlapping agendas is not ideal, especially since there is only sporadic information-sharing between agencies....

private sector.

"I think this announcement didn’t offer the kind of detail that will really be needed in the weeks and months in order to make clear what its role is as opposed to all of the other ones,” said April Doss, who served as lead Democratic counsel for the Senate Intelligence Committee’s probe into Russian interference during the 2016 election.

The DHS group has lots of competition. In February, the Energy Department launched the Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response, or CESER, to serve as the first point of contact for all physical and cyberattacks, natural disasters and man-made disruptions to the energy sector.

The Commerce Department also has a cyber office, and the Department of Health and Human Services in June launched the Cybersecurity Collaboration and Education Center.

There’s also the Director of National Intelligence’s Cyber Threat Framework. The FBI operates the Foreign Influence Task Force, National Crime Information Center, and National Cyber Investigative Joint Task Force.
Politicians want to say they're doing something to address some problem and what says it better than creating a new agency? That's definitely better for publicity than just building on what we already have. But imagine if you're a business that is trying to work with the government to address cybersecurity and there are all these agencies out there wanting your time and input.