Saturday, February 06, 2016

Live-blogging the ABC New Hampshire Debate

Oh, gosh. Couldn't they have briefed the candidates when they need to come out? Carson and Trump didn't come out and the ABC announcers forgot Kasich. What an inauspicious opening.

Why ask a question about whether Trump has the proper temperament to be president? What do they think he's going to say? ANd, of course, Cruz ignores what he said previously. This was all predictable. I wish reporters would ask question that we couldn't predict what the candidates would say.

Trump calls out Cruz for not answering the question. I hope all the other candidates will call out Trump when he doesn't answer question.

Ben Carson issues the back-handed insult by saying that he wasn't going to insult another Republican, but then goes on to insult Curz.

Rubio was ready for that question about how ready he is to be president. Nice to give him the opportunity to push his message.

I don't think that Christie's constant denigration of being a Senator is still resonating, but his line about Rubio not being there is truancy not leadership was a good line.

Rubio doesn't help refute Christie's line about repeating memorized lines by repeating himself. I think that's going to hurt him in post-debate analysis.

That was generous of Trump to mention Rubio by name so he'd get another chance to talk and show off about his knowledge on foreign policy.

Christie tells us about how being a federal prosecutor taught him how to deal with North Korea. Isn't he the one repeating his talking points since he mentions that he was a federal prosecutor each debate. And he attacks senators for not being governors. Every one of the candidates repeats his top points.

Christie might not be helping himself in this debate, but he is hurting Rubio. I think this is the weakest I've seen Rubio in all the debates.

How nice to see Mary Katharine Ham on the stage. And her question on his position on health care to Trump was good. All he can say is that his plan will be so much better. And he'll keep people from dying on the street. Is that what he thinks the other candidates' policies would do? I don't think he understands how emergency care works now.

Now Trump tells us how conservative he is. Please. Eminent domain was a necessity for getting parking for his casinos. Good for Jeb to bring that up.

Trump whining about donors in the audience as a total non sequitur is a bad moment for him. It shows how distractible he is.

That exchange over eminent domain and Trump's attack on the audience was maybe the worst moment he's had and the best moment Jeb has had in the debates.

As he shushed Bush for talking over him and then talked over Bush, Trump demonstrated that he can dish it out, but can't take it himself. Good for Jeb to keep going.

It is strange to have the GOP moderators come on during half-time to try to shape people's opinions of what is going on.

Kasich didn't define how he'd change people's interpretation of conservatism.

Do we really need to debate whether Obama is deliberately doing what he's doing or if all he's done has been by incompetence? Rubio needed to get off that point.

Good answer from Christie to explain what happens when a state raises taxes on millionaires.

Guy Benson points out that Trump wants to both bomb the oil and to sell it. That's about it for his strategy to deal with ISIS.

Mary Katharine Ham had a good question for Cruz on how he's going to do all he promises to do. Cruz has a good answer.

Trump answers a question about his deals will be different by saying that he'll make great deals.

How can ABC use George Stephanopolous, a former Clinton aide who donated to the Clinton Foundation and told Hillary he loves her as a commenter on a GOP debate? Bring on Mary Katharine Ham back.