Thursday, January 28, 2016

Live-blogging the debate

How nice of Megyn Kelly to tee up Ted Cruz with an opportunity to make fun of Trump.

I'm so sick of how candidates such up to Iowans as they are the most extraordinary people in the entire country.

Trum is the "greatest show on Earth." That's right. He's a circus.

Rubio knows to focus on Hillary. Most Republicans' primary concern is defeating her.

Gosh, Jeb plays the Barbara Bush card a lot.

Christie keeps with the same shtick talking about how what other people talk about is irrelevant and that he's the one who has made the tough decisions because he's a governor. It gets old.

We're seeing #AngryRubio again.

How many times are they going to ask Ben Carson the same question about running without having any political position before. He's been asked that over and over and has a canned answer ready.

Ted Cruz doesn't seem to understand that we can't carpet bomb an enemy embedded in civilian neighborhoods.

Rubio, you don't need to convince us that ISIS is very, very bad. Interesting that he doesn't explain how lame Cruz's carpet-bagging claims are.

I can't stand these questions to set up candidates to attack each other. Chris Christie is smart to swivel to attacking Hillary. That's a much better tactic than attacking Cruz and Rubio.

You go Chris Wallace! Shut down Ted Cruz trying to horn into Christie's answer. I'm a teacher. I know that you have to be tough in the beginning on enforcing the rules if you let a student get away with ignoring the rules early on.

Ted Cruz is repeating his same answer from the CNBC debate criticizing the questions. He can't repeat the magic of his first answer making fun of questions attacking others. And his joke threatening to leave the debate fell rather flat. It's all too canned.

Rubio gets to direct who answers questions? When did he get that power?

Good. The more you shut up John Kasich the better.

Chris Christie didn't really answer the question about whether it was enough to report to the police that the San Bernardino neighbors had seen Muslims receiving a lot of packages.

What a dumb question to ask Bush what he'd do about charities for veterans. It's smart of Bush to switch to talk about the problems still plaguing the VA.

Cruz had a very good answer on health care. You can tell he's had that question before.

Wow, that video display of Rubio's words on amnesty appears like an attack ad on Rubio. In fact it seems like one of the ads that Bush's Super PAC has been running. I hope they're going to show videos for the other candidates.

Cruz does too much name-dropping of Jeff Sessions and Steve King.

Now Megyn Kelly sets up Rand Paul to attack Cruz on authenticity. How come Paul doesn't get a video montage?

Paul and Rubio are double-teaming Cruz.

And now Christie comes in with his "I'm a governor" shtick. It's so very tired.

How come no one else got a video montage?

Maybe we've had to many debates.

How funny that Ben Carson is surprised to get a question.

Can you imagine the video montage of flip flops they would have had if Trump had been there?

I hate electability questions in a debate. Let the voters decide that. Instead ask them about issues.

How smart of Rubio to brush off the invitation to attack Christie to give an answer on his faith because he knows that his answer to an atheist about his faith has gone viral and helped him with evangelicals.

Gosh, I haven't missed Donald Trump at all during this debate. Maybe he can boycott all of them.