Thursday, January 14, 2016

Live-blogging the Debate

This is tough. Did they have to schedule the debate to coincide with one of the most eagerly waited NBA games tonight with San Antonio hosting Cleveland. I am truly thankful for picture-in-picture.

I'm never a fan of the candidate ignoring the question just to talk about what they want to talk about for the opening question. But Cruz probably hit some sweet spots among Republicans by talking about the sailors on their knees.

I always forget that JOhn Kasich is running until it comes time for the debates. I just can't listen to him.

Christie had a strong answer on his question on military even though he didn't answer the question. I like his reference to Obama's SOTU as fantasy time.

Nice opportunity for candidates to bash Obama and Hillary.

Jeb got in his best moment of all the debates saying that Hillary might be spending her time between the White House and courthouse.

Always popular to bash Hillary. Rubio gets in a good dig at Hillary being disqualified from being commander in chief by misusing classified info and lying to families of those killed in Benghazi. Rubio seems to be more fired up and passionate. Maybe he read Rich Lowry's column on how he doesn't do anger well and decided to turn it up a notch.

Ben Carson jokes about falling asleep. I guess that's good to make fun of what people say about him, but it seemed out of place for a question on national security to make a joke.

Cruz gets the Goldman Sachs loan question. Cruz answers making fun of the NYT. I don't think he'll be hurt by the details of the loan and whether he reported it or not. But I bet a lot of people hadn't heard that story. I wonder how many people know that his wife works for Goldman Sachs and how that goes over. I bet GOP voters don't care about the story and immediately discount it because Cruz was effectively able to turn it into a hit against the NYT, always something Republicans enjoy.

Cruz was ready for the birther question. Trump's answer is that he's leading in the polls. And, apparently, Trump's questioning Cruz's eligibility and the possibility of a lawsuit. Cruz looks ticked.

Cruz's defense is always an attack on the source of the criticism as a partisan.

RUbio plays the Chris Christie card by saying he's going to interrupt this episode of Court TV and gives another campaign spiel. That was smart.

Trump has a very good answer about why he's angry.

Why set up a question to ask Rubio if he should apologize to Christy. Rubio cleverly turns the question to attack Obama with a side shot on Christie.

Christie repeats the same response he's had before about Rubio attacking him. Christie has a good response to refute those attacks but I'm sure getting tired of Christie talking about how he's an executive rather than a senator.

Apparently, Christie did say that Sotomayor was qualified and urged the Senate to confirm her. So he was lying there.

Carson is there for the comic relief claiming that he's "everybody." But he's right that I'm tired of everyone attacking everyone else, but that's what happens in a political campaign these days.

Oh, gosh! With all the issues out there, do we really have to discuss Bill Clinton's sexual history and whether Hillary was an enabler.

It's cute how Cavuto uses a question about guns as a teaser to keep the audience tuned in.

Boy, that San Antonio-Cleveland game is a scorcher. Much tougher back and forth than the debate.

What a set-up to ask Rubio about gun sales under Obama not seeming like a president who wants to take guns away. Rubio, Trump, and Bush all had very good answers on gun sales. Rubio is exactly right about how Obama is always trying to undermine the Second Amendment. He could have mentioned how Obama talks about he likes Australia's policy.

Trump has a good riff about New York values to talk about 9/11, but I don't see what that has to do with Trump though. The whole name-calling thing is stupid. Cruz would have done better to go into more detail about what Trump said on that Russert interview he referred to. I wonder if Cruz didn't know that Trump already had a good answer on the NY values jab.

Oh, good. Kasich gets a question and I can go to the game. Just in time for the Spurs come-back!! That was fun. Kawhi is demonstrating why he's in the conversation as one of the best players in the league.

Christie turns a question on what to do in Syria with bashing Obama, Clinton, and Kerry. That is all very good, but I'm not quite sure what Christie would do.

Rubio is smart to turn each question into an answer on how awful Obama and Clinton are. That's how he starts every answer just about.

Yeah! The Spurs win! Their streak continues. That was a great game, especially since the Spurs took over in the fourth quarter.

Rubio has a good answer why a VAT test is bad and he explains how it hurts the elderly.

Arthur Laffer wasn't Ronald Reagan's chief economic adviser.

I'm so sick of Christie pretending that he's some sort of super-guy because he's not a senator. And he's wrong that he's the only one to propose anything on entitlement reform. Rubio ran in 2010 in Florida on reforming entitlements. Florida!

And Cruz and Rubio were having a substantive discussion. I am sick of Christie getting on a high horse to denigrate such discussions. And he showed his mean side by being snide to Rubio. That is the side of Christie that will turn people off. He doesn't need to do that. It's a debate so Christie and Bush should stop complaining about people debating just because they think it makes them look more impressive to talk about how they are/were governors.

I suspect that all people will remember of this debate will be Cruz and Trump talking about the birther question and New York values.