Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Watching the Democratic debate

Could anything be more perfectly chosen for a Democratic debate featuring Hillary Clinton than a move about suffragettes? Though, as a teacher of European history who teaches the British suffragette movement, I will probably see this movie.

Lincoln Chafee? Gah! He's proud that he's had no scandals and has high ethical standards. I wonder whom he's aiming that at.

I like Jim Webb. I can't imagine that many Democrats will. Somehow, I don't think they're impressed with his Vietnam record or his son's record of fighting in Ramadi.

Martin O'Malley brags about his executive experience. Yeah, he left Baltimore in great shape and the deep blue state of Maryland was so thrilled with his leadership that they went and elected a Republican. Well, at least O'Malley can brag about being a lifelong Democrat, unlike Webb, Chafee, Sanders, and Goldwater girl Hillary Clinton.

When Bernie Sanders lists all the things wrong with the country, is he attacking Obama? After all, that's who has been in charge of the country for seven years?

Clinton tells us that she will bring the country together again. The Clintons have always been so good at that. And then she plays the woman card. Nothing like dividing us by gender.

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Already, I think Hillary is raising her support among Democrats and gives a decent answer about her expediency. I don't know that anyone will believe her. She has flipped on a lot of issues. She clearly supported TPP up until last week. But she inserted herself strongly into the discussion of socialism and capitalism. I wonder how it will play among Democrats will like her going after Bernie. But then she got him to agree with what she said. But they did agree that they love Denmark.

I'm glad that Anderson Cooper asks O'Malley's record as mayor in Baltimore. But he's asking him from the left.

If Sanders thinks income inequality is one of the biggest issues before this country, I guess he thinks Obama has done a terrible job leading this country.

Lincoln says "We believe in the Second Amendment." You sure about that?

The Weekly Standard reminds us when Hillary liked guns.

Hillary plays the Obama card, bragging that he picked her because he respected her judgment. Maybe so. I think it was a political maneuver.

Sanders said he voted for stopping ethnic cleansing in Kosovo. But doing nothing about mass murder in the Middle East is okay with him.

Sorry, I fell asleep in the debate. I wonder how that approximates the rest of the public listening in.