Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The GOP Debate on CNBC

Gosh, I prefer watching the Spurs-Thunder game. However, this is why We have picture-in-picture and other groovy technologies.

When I switched over after the CNBC debate finally started, they led off with a terrible question that I can't stand when we help students prep for scholarship interviews - what is your biggest weakness? Yeesh! Most candidates basically ignored the stupid question and switched into their campaign speeches. They could always have quoted Hillary's answer that I heard to that question one time. She said that her biggest weakness is that she cares too much. Chris Christie had the best answer saying that he didn't see weaknesses on that stage, but on the Democratic stage with a socialist, pessimist

Then John Harwood asked the most insulting question I've ever heard in a debate. I can't stand Donald Trump, but asking him if his is a "comic book version" of a campaign. I bet Trump is wishing Megyn Kelly was back there. The other moderators are equally contemptuous of the candidates. and Then they ask Kasich to please repeat his criticisms of the other GOP candidates. And Kasich obliges by slamming Ben Carson and Trump's proposed policies. Trump then slammed him back by reminding everyone that Kasich worked for Lehman Brothers. Kasich's answer that he was a banker doesn't seem like a great selling point.

Kasich just sounds angry and unpleasant. I listen to him and think that I wouldn't want to listen to him for four years.

When Harwood slams Rubio with a question about his voting record, Rubio pivots to his standard speech. And when asked about the Sun Sentinel's editorial telling him to resign, Rubio is ready with statistics about other senators who had worse voting records than his. And he responded well to Bush's attack. Rubio was very effective. I bet the Hillary campaign watched that exchange and got on their knees praying that Rubio doesn't get the nomination.

Ted Cruz is adopting the Newt Gingrich role of slamming the media. Everyone knows that that will win points in a GOP debate. Calling the Democratic debate a debate between the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks is a funny line. THough I wonder how many in the audience know who were the Mensheviks were.

Kudos always to Chris Christie for telling the truth about entitlements.

This set of moderators are the worst so far for the GOP debates.

Trump lies about not filing for bankruptcy. That's been disproven so many times.

Carly Fiorina answers the question that Ben Carson ignored.

What an insult to ask Rubio if he has maturity to lead government! Could these moderators be any more clearly contemptuous of the Republicans. This is no different than if MSNBC was moderating this debate. Why did the GOP agree to this?

Rubio is very adept at pivoting to his standard arguments instead of falling into the trap that the moderators want to set up for him. I wish more Republicans can do that. Sure he repeats his standard speech all the time, but remember that most viewers haven't heard it as many times as political aficionados have.

Carly demonstrates why she is the best at attacking Hillary Clinton.

I thought this was supposed to be a debate on the economy so they ask Ben Carson about being on Costco's board when they're gay-friendly. He responded that the media doesn't understand his beliefs on gays. The crowd rightly boos the questions.

Aren't we all glad that Trump and Carson got them to make this debate only two hours?

Ted Cruz is right to compare these questions to those asked at the Democratic debate. These moderators are everything Republicans were trying to avoid in the debates this season.

Jake Tapper and Anderson Cooper are looking might good right now.

I'm heading over to the basketball game.