Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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I hope you all had a restful President's Day, even though there is no such holiday as President's Day. I still remember those halcyon days of my youth growing up in Illinois when we celebrated both Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays and got two days off in February.

Not only are the murderers not Muslim, but the victims are not Christians. At least this administration is consistent in its linguistic blinders. I guess this was just a random beheading.

Three leading Democrats are worried about the tax penalties that Americans are facing by not having signed up for Obamacare. Gee, maybe they should have thought about that before they voted a bill that penalized people for not having insurance.

Why Hillary Clinton isn't the favorite for 2016.

Why Marco Rubio has the most to lose in running for the nomination.

One way that Obama holds second place to FDR - the amount of debt he is leaving the country.

Oh, that's an unfortunate choice for the town to open a Run Warren Run office in Iowa.

Glenn Reynolds explains the benefits of having a president who didn't attend college.
Though Walker attended Marquette University, he left before graduating, which has caused some finger-wagging from the usual journalistic suspects. After all, they seem to believe, everyone they know has a college degree, so it must be essential to getting ahead. As the successful governor of an important state, you'd think that Walker's subsequent career would make his college degree irrelevant, but you'd be wrong.

And that's why a President Walker would accomplish something worthwhile the moment he took office. Over the past few years in America, a college degree has become something valued more as a class signifier than as a source of useful knowledge. When Democratic spokesman Howard Dean (who himself was born into wealth) suggested that Walker's lack of a degree made him unsuitable for the White House, what he really meant was that Walker is "not our kind, dear" — lacking the credential that many elite Americans today regard as essential to respectable status.
But, as Reynolds goes on to explain, a college degree doesn't mean as much as so many people think it does. Those without a degree shouldn't be ashamed of that lack.
But without much reason, as many college degrees don't signify much besides a limited ability to show up on time most of the time, and avoid getting so falling-down-drunk that you flunk out. Nor does attendance at college necessarily even produce a leg up economically. Some studies suggest that attending college can actually increase economic inequality, as graduates emerge with no better prospects of employment, but heavy student loan debt. Many students also don't learn much: In Academically Adrift, a study by Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa, researchers found that 36% of students "did not demonstrate any significant improvement in learning" over four years of college.

But the college degree — especially a degree from an elite school — has become an entry-level ticket into the educated mandarinate. In his important book, The New Class Conflict, Joel Kotkin calls it the "clerisy" — that now dominates government, journalism and academia. And as a result, an America that once prided itself on real-world achievement and practical good sense now runs largely on credentials.
What is important is what someone accomplishes in his or her life and clearly not having a degree hasn't held Walker back from being twice elected governor of Wisconsin as well as surviving a recall effort. What more would he have learned in that final year he skipped that would have made him so much more qualified than going to work for the Red Cross?

The NYT has issued a correction of the Gail Collins column blaming Scott Walker for making cuts to education funding that actually happened before he became governor. John McCormack explains the mistake.
As you can see in the excerpt above, Collins is talking about teacher layoffs that occurred in 2010. Walker did not become governor until 2011.

The truth is that Walker's reforms actually saved teachers' jobs. Right before the 2012 Wisconsin recall election, Walker's Democratic opponent Tom Barrett couldn't name a single school that had been hurt by Walker's policies. When Walker's 2014 Democratic opponent Mary Burke was asked to name any schools hurt by Walker's collective bargaining reform, she relayed an anecdote she'd heard secondhand about one school. Burke's story didn't check out, and the superintendent of that school wrote a letter telling Burke she didn't know what she was talking about.
It was a stupid mistake, but think how awesome it would be to have a president who could go back in time and make spending cuts from before he even took office. Now that is a candidate I could fully support.

Oh, so typical. On his way out of office surrounded by scandal, Governor Kitzhaber's aides tried to get thousands of his emails destroyed.

Do you commonly see campaign signs at weddings? Apparently, waving Hillary signs at the wedding of a Politico reporter was no big deal.

Remember all those claims about how Obamacare would bring down federal spending. It was ludicrous at the time and still is.
If there were a contest for the biggest lie in Washington over the past 30 years, it would be hard to compete with President Obama’s boast that he would put 30 million more Americans on Medicaid and Obamacare subsidies, and this would reduce the budget deficit. That’s got to be right up there with President Clinton declaring, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

A new Congressional Budget Office report has blown the lid off the Obama whopper fib. The Congressional Budget Office reports that through the first four months of fiscal 2015, federal spending is rising at an 8.2 percent clip. Most components of spending are relatively flat and national defense outlays — the most important function of government — are falling. Still, one area accounts for almost the entire budget blowout: Obamacare.

Medicaid spending is up a stratospheric 23 percent so far this year thanks to massive new enrollments. In addition, the $7 billion in Obamacare “exchange subsidies” so far this year brings the rise in costs of the “Affordable” Care Act to nearly 30 percent. In one year. And in an era of almost no inflation. Obamacare has turned out to be, just as feared, the largest expansion of government since the Great Society.

This stampede of rising health costs was so predictable that most budget experts acknowledged — even liberals, privately — costs would spike when the new health law insurance subsidies kicked in. It had to happen. How could we possibly put tens of millions more Americans on Medicaid and other taxpayer assistance and also save money at the same time? It was a laughable claim that Team Obama somehow reiterated time and again — and they even managed to keep a straight face.

And this is a president who lectures Republicans in Congress about “simple math.”

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/feb/15/stephen-moore-affordable-care-act-isnt-affordable/#ixzz3Rxfy0jwn
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This shouldn't be allowed.
Almost half of the bills introduced in the last Congress authorized spending tax dollars, but not specifically how many dollars. Instead, the proposals simply provided that "such sums as necessary" should be spent.

All 20 congressmen who most frequently used the "such sums as necessary" formulation are liberals and among the most ardent proponents of expanding the federal government. House Republicans were advised by their leaders not to use the phrase, but some of them ignored the advice.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed "Democratic socialist," led the list as the sponsor of 19 such bills.

This is the best news of my week so far.


mark said...

Of course, the NYT was right to publish a correction, and Collins should acknowledge her mistake.

Perhaps Walker will also "issue" a correction for his lie/embellishment. Or perhaps he'll just "punt" on this one:


tfhr said...


Do you think he should vote "present"? That was always good enough for Obama...except now when he should actually be doing something.

Pat Patterson said...

As far as stupid selfies it should be obvious that Obama will never get a statue of himself, ad luxatio!


Rick Caird said...

Every time Mark pulls out a reference, it is from some off the wall source that is highly partisan. The letter the story refereed to was basically a union sour grapes letter. Samson did win a teacher's award and she was laid off.

If Mark held Obama to the standard he is trying to hold Walker to, he would have no time to do anything else. As Glenn Reynolds points out, the left will always tell you who the fear by the stories they right.

mark said...

Yes, Rick, many of my references are from partisan sources (on the left). Just as many of the others here are from partisan sources on the right. Are you complaining, or just pointing out the obvious? In this case, Walker called the educator the "outstanding teacher of the year in my state" when, in fact, she won a self-nominated award for first-year teachers in language arts. Nice for her, but why "embellish"?
Strange that you were silent when Fox news fabricated a quote from Pelosi called Hamas a humanitarian organization. That is a lie that was spread by many conservative outlets and blogs (including here).
Is the lie about Pelosi or the Walker lie as important as Obama's lie about keeping your health care plan or the Bush/Cheney lies about Iraq and torture?
Of course not. But they are still lies.

tfhr said...

Seniority is an undeniably key concept in unions it protects members and keeps unions powerful. In the case of a young teacher that has risen above the pack, her lack of seniority cost her a job, not just the budget mismanagement of the previous administration ahead of Walker.

It's probably a safe bet to say that if a school principal could have had the final say in who is retained, I doubt they would've kept some number of first hired deadwood monuments to union first, students second leftist philosophy, over a last hired, talented teacher.

tfhr said...


Pelosi was criticized for her less than emphatic disagreement with a Qatari's view of Hamas. Get over yourself, you sound like you have the vapors.

Walker has been good for Wisconsin and if these pathetic and overblown complaints are the best you've got, the Dems don't have much hope.

tfhr said...


Looks like John Kitzhaber was trying to reach into Lois Lerner's playbook with that deleted/lost email gambit. I wish him luck - he'll need it without top-cover from Holder.

And what is the Kitzhaber scandal all about? Green energy, of course! Without taxpayer subsidies, "sustainable" energy isn't, well, sustainable. Furthermore, the only profit that seems to come from these green scams is in the form of ill-gotten gains by lefty scam artists/politicians that abuse their offices.

mark, you Watermelons are a dishonest crop.

mark said...

Again, please be a man and provide the evidence for the accusations you made against Senator Menendez (rapist, pedophile) or withdraw your claim.
Then repeat that procedure for the accusations you made against me (supporter of terrorists, pedophiles, rapists, etc).

You've claimed that Betsy and others agree with your accusations (silence = complicity). I'm not so sure.

So, try to gather that long-lost shred of honor and dignity I'll bet you have. Show your evidence, or admit you were wrong.

Then we can move on. If you don't have the courage to do that, you might consider not responding to my posts.

tfhr said...


"Move on" you say? There's that phrase and now it's an organization that isn't just devoted to papering over Bill Clinton's DNA spattered intern problems. I think they're "Ready for Hillary" now. Now. I remember when NOW was the National Organization of Women but it never recovered from Bill's one man war on women. But you're A-OK with all of that, just don't tarnish Menendez' reputation as a saint.

When Menendez comes clean, you can "move on", but Holder's DOJ is stalling on his corruption investigation and until it's all on the table, his excuses for his whereabouts, what he was doing there and his fun time funding, courtesy of Medicare fraud / campaign contributor, Salomon Melgen, the charge remains on the table.

Ironically, Menendez blames the scandal on Cuban intelligence agents. Cuba's reward: Obama gives the Cuban dictatorship a new lease on life with his capitulation to Castro's demands in this bizarre overture to a despotic regime.

mark said...

Menendez a saint? Highly improbable, and I don't believe anyone has ever made that claim.
Is he a rapist and pedophile? You made the charge, so prove it, or don't. Retract it, or don't. Your choice.

I've called bs on your claim that you are now working as a military-intelligence expert. Thanks for the proof.

But please, continue!

mark said...

For Scott Walker fans - more evidence of his honesty issues. This time on his support for amnesty:

And yes, the video was posted on a liberal site, so feel free to pretend it's fake.


tfhr said...

mark is only worried about honesty when it comes to potential Republican presidential candidates. No concern about honesty - and the glaring lack thereof - with President Obama. No, our mark would not dream of questioning Hillary's honesty because at this point what difference does it make anyway?! Of course mark is a great fan of the man that used Hillary as his doormat and Monica as a towel, though he swore he did not have sex with her. "Move on!", mark shrieks and sobs. Honesty didn't matter then, only now and only for Republicans!

Luckily for mark there is Elizabeth Warren, AKA Fauxcahauntas, whose high cheek bones are the only apparent qualification needed to make her the heir apparent to the continued lunacy that the left is willing to rain down upon America. Lying about being a minority - a native American - that's inspirational for mark.

Not content with warning us about Walker's honesty, it seems mark has found out that he has changed his view on an issue. If this was Obama and the topic was for gay marriage- against gay marriage - then for gay marriage - that pirouette would be described as an opinion that has "evolved". I remember when Obama said over and over how he did not have the legal authority to grant this sham amnesty to illegal aliens. Now he says he does. Flip flop mark.

mark said...

You're sounding a bit unhinged, tfhr.

I'm beginning to think you don't have the evidence to back up your charges of rape, pedophilia, etc. But if you do, now might be a good time to present it.

tfhr said...


You're the one that supports a President that has turned a disinterested, blind eye to savage atrocities in Syria and Iraq. He's the guy that led Libya (from behind) into a failed nation state that has become a playground for ISIS. He's shown no interest in doing anything about the recent slaughter of Copts in Libya - he won't even help the Egyptian government as it attempts to take on the spreading threat in eastern Libya.

But you stay strong mark! Menendez depends on you! Who cares about all those Middle Eastern girls when their is an important US Senate seat to protect?!

mark said...

Yes, tfhr, we can discuss all all of those issues, including your recently-developed concern for Middle Eastern girls. But first, prove your claims of rape and pedophilia, or acknowledge you were wrong. So simple.
Be a man!

tfhr said...

Recent concern?! Where is yours?

At least based on your "demands", now down to just two, you've come to the point where you will now concede that abortion is a profitable venture for those that advocate it in their politics. This might be your first venture into being up front about what you believe.

mark said...

Still trying to justify your disgraceful claim that I and others "enjoy abortion as a bloodsport"?

Actually, I only have one "demand": Be a man. Back up your claims, or retract them. A person with honor would do so.