Monday, June 16, 2014

Cruising the Web

I guess that Joe Biden is happy now. We're getting the Iraq he always wanted - one divided into three parts. The Kurds are moving in to solidify their control in the Northeast and now we're having the country de facto being divided by Shia and Sunnis.

Byron York reports on how the testimony of those children taken by the Border Patrol crowding across the southern border indicates that they did indeed come here because they believed that our immigration policy had been changed and that they would be legally accepted here.

Hillary Clinton believes that "the American political system is probably the most difficult, even brutal, in the world." Er, has she noticed the news coming out the Middle East recently? As Ed Morrissey writes,
Hillary wants to run on her record as Secretary of State, in part based on the amount of travel she undertook in that role. It’s indisputable that she traveled around the world, but she doesn’t appear to have learned anything from her travels. Aung Sang Suu Kyi might have a different perspective on brutal in relation to political systems, or perhaps the anti-Chavistas in Venezuela could have informed Hillary of what the word actually means. For that matter, nearly everyone in Syria could have explained it to her back in 2011.
When she talks about American politics being brutal, face it, she's talking solely about politics and the Clintons - you know the system that elected her husband twice and got her elected as a carpetbagger senatorial candidate based on sympathy for her based on her husband's philandering and those politics will probably see her take her party's nomination unopposed in 2016 and may well propel her into the White House based on no accomplishments whatsoever.

Now we know why the administration claimed that there was "no evidence" of any corruption involved in the IRS scandal. Apparently, as John Fund writes, the dog ate their homework for two years. Somehow a computer crash erased all of Lois Lerner's emails between 2009 to mid-2011. If you can believe that and not many do.
A growing number of computer professionals are stepping forward to say that none of this makes sense. Norman Cillo, a former program manager at Microsoft, told The Blaze: “I don’t know of any e-mail administrator [who] doesn’t have at least three ways of getting that mail back. It’s either on the disks or it’s on a TAPE backup someplace on an archive server.” Bruce Webster, an IT expert with 30 years of experience consulting with dozens of private companies, seconds this opinion: “It would take a catastrophic mechanical failure for Lerner’s drive to suffer actual physical damage, but in any case, the FBI should be able to recover something. And the FBI and the Justice Department know it.”

In March of this year, John Koskinen, the new IRS commissioner, testified before Congress that all the e-mails of IRS employees are “stored in servers.” The agency’s own manual specifies that it “provides for backup and recovery of records to protect against information loss or corruption.” The reason is simple. It is well known in legal and IT circles that failure to preserve e-mails can lead to a court ruling of “spoliation of evidence.” That means a judge or jury is then instructed to treat deletions as if they were deliberate destruction of incriminating evidence.
John Fund goes on to explain why Lerner's e-mails are so important.

VA hospitals were so invested in their dishonest reports on scheduling appointments that they "rebuffed, disciplined or even fired" those who spoke up in complaint. The whole organization had a practice of punishing whistleblowers. But hey, they did get to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on ads about how wonderful the VA is as well as green energy.

One of Hillary Clinton's earliest legal cases was defending a child rapist and getting his case plea-bargained down to just a year in prison. She talked about in the 1980s on a just discovered audiotape and laughs as she details how she knew the guy was guilty, but was able to get him such a reduced sentence.

If you thought that the title of Hillary Clinton's memoir, Hard Choices, was completely original (after all, there are dozens of books with that title), try generating your own memoir title. I got "Dauntless Mettle." Yup, that's my life.

If you haven't yet watched the elaborate video that this one guy made of himself when he was stuck overnight in the Las Vegas airport lip-syncing to Celine Dion singing "All by Myself," you really should. Now that was an enterprising way to spend a miserable night stuck in an airport.

Congratulations to the San Antonio Spurs. It was a well-deserved victory and I so enjoyed pulling for them all year and in the playoffs and finals. Their method of team-centered play is not only admirable, but also successful. And I see no reason why they couldn't be back in the finals again next year.

Jeb Lund writes a smack-on column about how stupid sports press conferences are. No wonder we cheer on Gregg Popovich's terse responses to inane questions.