Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cruising the Web

How convenient that the administration can now blame Chuck Hagel for the Bergdahl deal. It's too bad that Hagel didn't get the memo that it was his fault.
According to Buck McKeon, the chairman of the House Armed Services committee, the Obama administration's briefers told he gathered House members that the person responsible for the decision to make the deal was not President Obama but Chuck Hagel, the secretary of defense.

"Now wait a minute, are you saying it was Secretary Hagel that made this decision, or was this the president of the United States?" McKeon, a California Republican, said to reporters. "It was the president of the United States that came out with the Bergdahls and took all the credit. And now that there's been a little pushback, he's moving away from it?"

The administration's claim that Hagel, not Obama, made the decision is at odds with what Hagel himself said on Meet the Press on June 1. "I signed off on the decision," Hagel said. "The president made the ultimate decision."
Poor Hagel doesn't realized that he is already under the bus. Ed Morrissey writes,
Old and busted: The Taliban 5 swap was a demonstration of authority by a Commander in Chief who isn’t afraid to act and make the final decision. New hotness: Hey, Chuck Hagel had the final call on the swap!

So Hillary claims that she and Bill were broke when they left the White House and that's why they needed to make so much money for making speeches. They had mortgages (note the plural - most people who are broke don't have more than one mortgage) and to pay for Chelsea's education. Oooh, just like ordinary Americans who have to meet mortgages and pay for their kids' education. Could any answer sound more poll-tested. Of course, the reason they needed to buy a house right away was to establish residency so Hillary could run for the Senate. Of course, she had a friend to guarantee their loan for the house. Noah Rothman writes,
Clinton was clearly prepared to play defense on questions relating to her personal finances. It is interesting that her first defense centers on the family’s 15-year-old legal fees. It is true that the Clintons’ copious debts forced the former first family to make some humiliating compromises after leaving office, including but not limited to borrowing money from fundraiser-turned-Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe in order to purchase a New York home ahead of Clinton’s 2000 U.S. Senate bid.
Don't let your heart bleed for the poor, broke ex-President. First of all he gets a six-figure pension for life equivalent to that of a cabinet secretary. He also gets transition expenses and money to set up an office and hire staff. He also gets travel and medical expenses. He wasn't heading into penury. He also had the anticipated money from writing a book and making speeches. So don't be so impressed at the supposed penury that the Clintons were facing. The average American doesn't have Terry McAuliffe to shell out $1.35 million in cash to secure the mortgage for the them.

When asked about how Americans will relate to Bill Clinton earning $100 million on speeches by saying that he's worked really hard. Would leftists accept that defense from any wealthy Republican?

Things are bad for Obama if he's lost Andrea Mitchell.

Hillary Still can't name her top achievement at State. It's quite telling that she still doesn't have an answer for that rather simple question. But I guess her supporters won't care. It's enough that she held the title and that she has two X chromosomes. That's her only qualification that matter.

Lois Lerner broke another law in her efforts to harm conservative groups.
In October of 2010, apparently without a court order, the IRS sent 21 computer disks containing 1.1 million pages of tax-return documents to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. According to the Justice Department, the massive data dump included public returns from non-profit groups but also taxpayer information that by law the IRS is required to keep confidential. Reps. Issa and Jordan ask in their letter for information relating to the preparation and transmittal of the data.

The CBO has totally given up projecting the effect of Obamacare on deficits because it's not clear which parts of the law will be enforced by the administration.

This wouldn't be a surprise to anyone who paid attention to the debates before Obamacare was passed, but it must be a surprise to Democrats to learn that the law isn't lessening the visits to emergency rooms as Obama promised it would. In fact, they're increasing because so many people have been thrown into Medicaid and there aren't enough doctors who will take Medicaid patients so they're forced to go to the ERs.

Walter Russell Mead traces how Obama has become "the incredible shrinking president."