Friday, January 31, 2014

Cruising the Web

Matthew Continetti notes something about the Obama administration foreign policy.
Recent world news has had a rather odd quality. Read it and one cannot help noticing the striking divergence between the facts reported and the administration’s response to those facts. Day after day brings headlines that clash with the preferred narrative of the Obama White House and its allies, and day after day the White House and those allies say the news does not really mean what you think it means....

What unites all of these stories is the reluctance on the part of the Obama White House to deal with the objective reality of the situation, its readiness to brush off hard choices, its dogmatic belief in the diplomatic process. Syria, Iran, Israel, arms control—in each instance the Oval Office and State Department see the act of negotiation not as a means to an end but as an end in itself.

Diplomacy is a faith to which Obama clings no matter the consequences because the alternative, the prospect of open conflict, of deadly force, of troop deployments larger than a SF team, is what he wants to avoid above all. The president’s favorite weapon, the tool he wields most often against recalcitrant actors, despots, international criminals, rogues, is not the B-2 or the M-1 or even the Predator Drone. It is the statement of concern, the message of disappointment.

I often think that the world in 2017, the world Obama will leave to his successor, will resemble not the world of 2009 but the world of 2001. America will be out of Iraq, America will be out of Afghanistan, terrorism will be handled as a criminal matter, troop strength and defense spending will be cut, and Americans, as they have a habit of doing, will be looking inward, reluctant to play the great-power game, more concerned with commercial activity than with national primacy or international order.

There will be differences. The world in 2017 will be more dangerous than the world in 2001. It will be more dangerous because in addition to safe havens in Afghanistan and Sudan, al Qaeda will have established outposts, or will govern actual territory, in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Mali, Libya, Sinai, and Algeria. It will be more dangerous because Iran will be capable of building a nuclear weapon, and Saudi Arabia and Jordan likely will have started nuclear programs of their own. It will be more dangerous because a heavily armed China and Japan will be at each other’s throats. It will be a world where American power is challenged on every front, a world resembling, even more than it does already, pre-World War I Europe, where declining empires and terrorism and ethno-religious conflict inaugurated the greatest man-made disaster in recorded history.

It will be a world much like today’s, a world where America is mocked, despised, flouted, subverted, challenged, chastened, and threatened, and our only response is to say that we are so very, very concerned.
Newsbusters notes how the many times the MSM reports on a politician's wrongdoing, but names the politician's party if that party is Republican. For an example, check out this Reuters story about the corruption trial of New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin and you will look in vain for a mention of the fact that he is a Democrat.

This should give confidence to any Californian using a state navigator to help get Obamacare - at least 43 convicted criminals are working as navigators in California. Just cross your fingers that you won't be assigned one of them.

New Jersey tazpayers haven't gotten much payback from their investment in the Meadowlands. In fact they lost money.

Jim Geraghty explains what is really behind Obama's executive order to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 for those working for companies with executive contracts. Hint: it's not about helping the few workers that it might affect.

Hundreds of career prosecutors are in revolt against Eric Holder. Do you think that if that same number of career prosecutors were protesting actions by a Bush attorney general that it would rate massive MSM coverage? Of course.

Here are some horror stories about what Obamacare has wrought for sick citizens whose health care been ruined by Obamacare.

Al Kamen at the Washington Post looks at ignorance of three of Obama's nominees for ambassador positions. It is nothing new to put a political friend or contributor to being an ambassador, but it's always horrifyingly amusing to see how little some of these people know. Why do they even want the position? It's not as if being ambassador means all that much these days.

Peggy Noonan contemplates the State of the Union while thinking of what "Meanwhile, back in America" regular Americans are experiencing or observing.

Here is one way for government to facilitate small businesses - allow people to sell food that they make at home. The marvelous Institute for Justice want to protect the economic liberty of people who want to start their own food businesses from home.

One Republican alleges that the Consumer Financial Protection bureau is spending more per square foot to renovate a leased building than it cost per foot to build the Trump World Tower or build the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas. Ironically, the building that they're spending over $153 million to renovate used to house the now defunct Office of Thrift Supervision.

We laugh at the low-information voter, but what is amazing is how such people are willing to lie to hide their own ignorance. And remember, they get as many votes as you do. Jimmy Kimmel had a hilarious routine asking people what they thought about the State of the Union before it had even been delivered. And people willingly pretend that they saw it and give their opinions even when they're given such details as their opinion of the President faking his own heart attack.