Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cruising the Web

Sean Trende tries to estimate how Obama's job approval ratings could impact this year's Senate races.

So where all those uninsured people that Obamacare was passed to take care of gone to? Megan McArdle wonders,
That leaves us with two possibilities: First, would-be applicants may simply be waiting until March. They’ve gone without insurance a long time; why not wait a few more months and save on premiums?

The second possibility is more troubling: There may be something seriously wrong with our understanding of who the uninsured are, and what they are willing and able to buy in the way of insurance. I don’t know exactly what the fault may be in our understanding. But if the numbers stay this low, I’d say we need to reassess the state of our knowledge about the uninsured -- and the vast program we created to cover them.
Here is the outrageous story of how local government officials are trying to take the property and business of an 88-year old WWII vet whose small grocery store was damaged in Sandy. He has the money and the will to rebuild his business but his local government of Saltaire is trying to use eminent domain to take his property which they'll pay for by raising taxes, selling a bond, or selling off other government property. And they're blocking him from repairing his own business which he has owned for a quarter century.

Gregory Hicks, former Deputy Chief of Mission in Tripoli during the attack on Benghazi angrily counters attacks on murdered ambassador Chris Stevens for there not being sufficient security at the mission in Benghazi.

David Catron ponders the "unbearable lightness of being Ezra" Klein.

So how did Harry Reid become a multimillionaire while being a public servant? And what was going on with his interfering in the process of awarding visas in order to help a Nevada casino for which his son is the lawyer?
The facts are clear enough. Career officials at the Department of Homeland Security turned down an expedited EB-5 visa application by the SLS Hotel & Casino in 2012 because agents were concerned over “suspicious financial activity.” Mr. Reid called Alejandro Mayorkas, who was then the director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, to ask him to reverse the decision. Mr. Mayorkas cheerfully obliged.
Mr. Reid then changed Senate rules so that Mr. Mayorkas could be promoted to the No. 2 position at the Department of Homeland Security, even though he was the subject of an investigation by the inspector general.
In a letter to the ethics committee, citing an investigation by this newspaper, Daniel Z. Epstein, the executive director of Cause of Action, said, “the American people deserve better. It is unfair for politicians to attempt to influence the enforcement of our laws, especially when they — or their close family members — stand to benefit.”

Jon Hinderaker explains how the Democratic Party is gearing up for a nuclear war on women in 2014.

George Will discusses the case for conservative judicial activism.

Contrasting Wendy Davis and her misleading narrative and her GOP opponent, Greg Abbott: I guess it all depends on your definition of hardship and if it all matters whether the subject is a Democrat or a Republican.