Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Cruising the Web

James Sherk reminds us of why the Supreme Court case concerning President Obama's overreach of his recess appointment power, NLRB v. Canning, came about in the first place. It was all about helping unions use government to avoid the effects of decreasing union membership.

Byron York looks at a proposal by Senator Kelly Ayotte to restore veterans' pensions and fund jobless benefits by stopping the illegal payout of tax credits to illegal immigrants. She had an elegant solution that would simply have required that recipients from a payout program called Additional Child Tax Credit to supply a Social Security number when applying from benefits. The Treasury Department inspector general explains that there is enough fraud in the program that stopping that fraud would have provided enough money to restore veterans' benefits and to pay for an extension of unemployment insurance benefits. However, the Democrats are blocking such a move and won't allow her amendment to a vote on the floor. So there you go. Democrats would rather continue fraud that would send money to illegal immigrants than to pay for restoring cuts to veterans' benefits and pay for extending unemployment benefits.

For those who think that the government can manage everything better than the private sector, check out this story about how Medicare is overpaying for "penis pumps."

Charlie Cooks rejects the idea that Chris Christie was ever the GOP frontrunner for 2016.

Megan McArdle refutes the idea that Obamacare has already avoided the death spiral.

This story should receive at least a fraction of the attention that Chris Christie's Bridgegate story received, but don't hold your breath.

The Obama administration is extending one more Obamacare deadline.

Well, this is a spending cut we can all support - cutting the funding for official portraits of presidents, Cabinet secretaries and other politicians. If they want an official portrait, they should be able to raise money privately to pay for it.

Why is the Republican leadership in the House continuing the practice they always decried when Democrats do it - voting on a huge omnibus bill without Congressmen having the opportunity to read it? For shame.

Yesterday's Circuit Court decision to toss out the FCC's attempt to regulate the Internet is a victory against the Obama administration's efforts to expand administrative control over our economy.

The bad news from state implementation of their own health care exchanges continues to be excrutiatingly bad.