Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cruising the Web

This is how you know the worm has turned on Obama and Obamacare - they're now the subject of much of the late-night comedians. I remember when many comedians thought it was impossible to ridicule Obama. But now even Barbara Walters is disconsolate because Obama didn't turn out to be the Messiah she thought he would be.

See if this photo makes you laugh at the return of John Podesta. Another mission not accomplished.

Here is another reason to vote Republicans for the Senate next year.

The Federalist picks the 12 funniest reactions to the ad using plaid onesie-guy to sell Obamacare. Twitchy also captures some of the fun. Don't the propagandists for Obamacare have any adults in the room to provide some well-needed critiques of their attempts to engage the millennial generation?

Ah, a well-deserved change: Kentucky is replacing Duke as the most hated team in NCAA basketball.