Monday, December 16, 2013

Cruising the Web

John Kerry is so behind the times that he's still warning about North Korea "potentially" gaining a nuclear weapon. And this is the guy whose guarantees about his deal with Iran are supposed to reassure us.

George Will lists what you have to think in order to support increasing the minimum wage.

Jane Fonda's private charitable foundation hasn't made a charitable contribution in five years.

If people enroll in Washington state's Medicaid program, they'll be surprised to learn that those who over 55, Medicaid can bill your estate for health care expenses.

Just what American diplomacy needs - a huge tapestry of President Obama.

I'm sure this will shock no one: when the California state Supreme Court ordered prisoners released, there was an increase in property crime.

Ross Douthat thinks he has an explanation why being the parents of girls might make parents more likely to be Republicans.

Perhaps we might get some rationality on the corn ethanol mandate. A bipartisan group of senators is introducing a bill to eliminate the mandate. We'll see if it can go anywhere in the Senate or get past a president from a corn-growing state.

It's bizarro world among Michigan labor unions. Now they are claiming that the state's right-to-work law violates anti-slavery laws. Yup. Allowing people to get jobs without having to join a union is the equivalent of slavery.

When in doubt - change the subject to class warfare.

Kyle Smith nails why the Selfie of the Year is so typical of Barack Obama. He is the ultimate "Selfie President."
Days before the funeral selfie, the White House tweeted out a Pearl Harbor remembrance that consisted of a photo of Obama laying a wreath. Six days before that he honored Rosa Parks by tweeting out a picture of himself sitting on the bus she desegregated. Nine days before that he honored the anniversary of JFK’s death with a tweet of himself looking at the fallen president’s White House portrait. Obama simply can’t allow history to have occurred without airbrushing himself into it: He’s President Gump.

Michael Boskin reviews the upcoming problems with Obamacare. This is just the beginning and the website is really the least of the problems. The country is in for a world of hurt.

Speaking of an upcoming world of hurt, Andrew Biggs takes a look at the looming disasters lurking in public pension funds.

Mark Steyn has some fun looking at what SNL termed Obama's "series of unfortunate events" at the Mandela funeral. Steyn then shifts to how one can't make jokes about Nelson Mandela anymore.
Alas, far from the face-pulling selfies, Mandela jokes are no laughing matter. Simon Amstell (who appears to be a comedian in the same sense that Thamsanqa Jantjie is a sign-language interpreter) visited BBC Radio and quipped that “it’s so white in here Mandela would not approve.” Shortly thereafter, the host apologized on air lest anyone was offended. Which they were, because Mr. Amstell himself subsequently apologized on Twitter. Neil Phillips did not get off so lightly. During the final stages of the African leader’s slowly deteriorating health, Mr. Phillips, who runs the Crumbs sandwich shop in the English town of Rugeley, had gone online and complained: “My PC takes so long to shut down I’ve decided to call it Nelson Mandela.” The Staffordshire constabulary arrested him, seized his computers, and in the course of an eight-hour detention fingerprinted and DNA-swabbed him.

“There are no jokes in Islam,” Ayatollah Khomeini sternly warned, and that’s true even for its “moderate” redoubts, where Shez Cassim, a U.S. citizen from Minnesota, has languished in a Dubai jail cell since April for making a video mildly parodic of United Arab Emirates youth. But, as Mr. Phillips discovered, there are fewer jokes outside Islam, too. Once upon a time, it was Communist Eastern Europe that policed gags, as captured in Milan Kundera’s first great novel. Now even in free societies an infelicitous jest can lead to a rap sheet.
Just think where we'd be in the United States if we didn't have the First Amendment to protect us against such extreme political correctness.

How infomercials make the big bucks.

Cheers to Legal Insurrection's William Jacobson for challenging the American Studies Association's efforts to institute an academic boycott of Israel.

Carl M. Cannon explains how Ted Cruz misunderstands political history when he claims that Republicans lose the presidency when they run a moderate and win when they run a true conservative.