Friday, September 27, 2013

Cruising the Web

Oh, poor things! A group from the SEIU are going on strike because the company they work for is cutting jobs due to Obamacare. The SEIU campaigned for the bill and still supports it. It's their members who might have a different idea today.

Another day, another delay. The Spanish version for exchanges under Obamacare is delayed. They've had two years to create this, but still can't manage to finish on time. Of course, they had no such problem in building a Spanish campaign website during the election campaign. But the administration is finding out that campaigning and actually carrying out their campaign promises is a different story.

And that's not the only delay. The exchange being run for the federal government for small businesses won't be ready on Tuesday. With all these websites being built to conform to a deadline and then missing the deadline, would you have any confidence in submitting your private information to the site once it's up and running? And yet President Obama is traveling around the country telling us that going to one of the Obamacare sites will be as easy as going to Amazon. Sure.

As Glenn Reynolds posted, with some informed comments from readers, one of the weakest links for Obamacare is Information Technology.

Yup. Obama has demonstrated that the "goals of being unifying and bold are not necessarily complementary."

Jonah Goldberg explains how silly it is of Harry Reid to say that those who oppose Obamacare are "anarchists."
More to the point, petitioning Congress to repeal a bad law through formal procedures is not the kind of behavior educated people normally associate with anarchism. Indeed, the hypocrisy of liberals who find it somehow “extreme” for citizens to organize peacefully to overturn a law they consider bad and unjust is a marvel to behold. The Fugitive Slave Act was once the law of the land. So was the Defense of Marriage Act. Were those determined to overturn them anarchists?

On an almost daily basis, I get a fundraising e-mail from a Democrat or from liberal outfits begging for help to overturn Citizens United, which in case you hadn’t heard is the law of the land. Why won’t these anarchists and extremists accept that the Supreme Court has ruled? I cannot wait for the Supreme Court to overrule Roe v. Wade, just to hear liberals announce, “Well, the fight is over. The Court has spoken.”

Nearly the whole story of American liberalism is a story of dedicated ideologues seeking to overturn what they consider to be bad laws and replace them with good ones. Sometimes those efforts were laudable, as when they fought to overturn the doctrine of “separate but equal” (despite fierce opposition from Democrats). And sometimes they are lamentable, as when they routinely labor to overturn or deny school-choice laws, consigning underprivileged children to horrible schools just to placate teachers’ unions. But when conservatives try to do the exact same thing, they can’t simply be wrong, according to liberals. They must be demented extremists, anarchists, and — another favorite epithet these days — nihilists.

The hypocrisy goes deeper though. Yes, Obamacare is the law of the land. But it is President Obama — who is legally and constitutionally required to faithfully execute the law — and not Republicans who has openly defied it. He has unilaterally and often with no statutory authority opted to waive and delay the parts of the Affordable Care Act that are politically inconvenient to him (or that his administration has been too incompetent to implement).
Who is the actual person who is not obeying the law of the land?

Kimberley Strassel notes that the Obamacare defunders have spent their energy and attention on Republicans rather than vulnerable red-state Democrats.

The media ignores an actual hate crime motivated by race because the races don't match their narrative. Just like they ignore the murders of black people that are happening every day in Chicago because they don't want to have to question why liberal policies don't result in a decrease in the devastating violence.

Well, that didn't take long. The Massachusetts legislature voted a couple of months ago to impose a new tax on software services. Now they've decided to repeal that tax.

Some good questions from Wolf Blitzer:
On Thursday afternoon, Wolf Blitzer grilled White House Press Sec. Jay Carney over President Barack Obama’s insistence that he will refuse to negotiate with Republicans over the next increase in the nation’s debt ceiling. Blitzer asked Carney to explain why the circumstances were different when Obama was a senator and voted against an increase in the debt ceiling under President George W. Bush.

Blitzer began by noting that Obama will be “the first president in a long time who won’t negotiate with the opposition to try to raise the debt ceiling.”

Charles Krauthammer explains why it is folly to think that Iran's President Rouhani is a true moderate open for fruitful negotiations. But the West keeps want to fool themselves that Iran is honestly interested in such negotiations.


Rick Caird said...

Harry Reid is the personification of evil. He is a sniveling little coward who hides behind Senatorial immunity by issuing his bombs from the Senate floor after hours. He hides behind non existent people as he did with his claim he was told by a Bain insider that Romney had not paid any taxes for 10 years. When these lies are exposed, there is never any apology from Reid.

Now he is on a campaign to keep the medical device tax even though it is hated in the Senate. He tells us he wants a separate bill for that, but he hopes we won't realize that would be easily vetoed by Obama.

Do not forget the whole ObamaCare bill came out of Reid's office hours before the vote. That was done after Reid delayed Scott Brown's swearing in so he could get the bill through the Senate before it would have been possible to filibuster. Then Pelosi had to pass the bill unchanged because otherwise it would have had to go back to the Senate. So, every word in the ObamaCare bill is the responsibility of Harry Reid.

You cannot believe a single thing Harry Reid says. He will lie as easily as Obama. Harry Reid is amoral.

John A said...

About some [occasional] sense in Massachusetts, see also

The "hazmat cleanup" law is meant for industrial-level spills. A Fire Dept. official calls for exempting [accidental] spills in homes.

mark said...

Harry Reid is the "personification of evil" for recklessly making comments he can't/won't back up? For exploiting loopholes?

I'd say that, unfortunately, that makes him your average politician.

"Evil"? Why don't we hang on to that term for more appropriate situations?

You've become quite the little hysteric lately, Rick.