Thursday, August 08, 2013

Cruising the Web

How one man brought the NCAA to a temporary halt: Jay Bilas had a lot of fun sending out tweets demonstrating how hypocritical the NCAA is in their willingness to make money off of individual college players, while tsk-tsking over a player like Johnny Manziel trying to make some money off of his own image. His tweets linking to the NCAA online sales site were making such an impact that they took down the search box he had been using. Johnny Football is still in a lot of trouble, but I hope that this story plus the O'Bannon suit will end these regulations that forbid a student-athlete from having commercial control over their own image while any other student at the same school would be free to go ahead and make money off his or her name if there were such a market.

Here are 73 rules for Republicans running for president in 2016. This is such good advice that I hope that candidates thinking about making a run for it next time will pay attention. I'm going to use this article as a review assignment for my AP Government and Politics student who had a summer assignment to read about the 2012 campaign.

The Obama administration has a habit, when faced with allegations of wrongdoing in a cabinet department, of setting that department to investigate and clear itself. This time it is the Department of Justice investigating its subordinate agency, the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Mark Pryor isn't going to help himself in his reelection hopes if he continues bragging about what an "amazing success story" Obamacare has been so far.

Even Maureen Dowd thinks that the planned NBC and CNN movies on Hillary Clinton are a mistake.

Heh heh: "The Cold War is now calling to ask for the 2012 election back."

Remember how Obama said in 2008 that he would meet with anyone including the leaders of Iran or North Korea? Well, we've found his limit - meeting with Putin after Putin humiliated the administration in granting asylum to Edward Snowden. So meeting with Ahmadinejad would be okay, but not Putin? That's quite a diplomatic reset. It's not quite the "new chapter of American engagement" that Obama promised us.

San Diego's creepy mayor apparently had a history of using his position as the former chairman of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee to make sexual advances to female vets who were complaining about sexual assault in the military.

There are quite a few bozo comments that Obama made on Jay Leno the other night. James Taranto notes this comment in which Obama seems to be complaining that more people don't die in terrorist attacks. Then he misspoke and placed Charleston, Savannah, and Jacksonville on the Gulf coast. And he also confused the sports involved in the summer and winter Olympics. I'm willing to give politicians the benefit of the doubt when they make gaffes like this. Obviously, he doesn't wish that more people die in terrorist attacks. And I'm willing to believe that Obama knows the difference between the Atlantic and Gulf coasts just as he knows that there aren't 57 states. However, I'd like to see gaffes by Republicans given a similar benefit of doubt. Dan Quayle will never live down the misspelling of potato but I bet Quayle knows where Jacksonville is.

It's nice to see Obama taking Sarah Palin's advice.

Paul Peterson of Harvard's Program on Education Policy and Governance has some interesting data comparing average minority achievement rates under No Child Left Behind and the period since Obama came into office and dismantled NCLB.

Apparently, supplying nutritional information on menus doesn't do anything to change consumer behavior.

Why on earth is our government leaking so much information on how we got the information that led to closing our embassies? This is the sort of information that should not get out at all. Are these leaks that Eric Holder is going to try to track down as assiduously as he went after AP and Fox News?

Never mind on those threats to shut down the government over Obamacare. Perhaps these guys will learn to be sure of their threats before they make them.

Here's good news for chocolate lovers - it may help improve brain health in the elderly.

Taxes as a percentage of GDP have gone up more under Obama than any other president since World War Two.

How Napoleon initiated the modern idea of political public relations.

Who would think that "Friendship" was an inappropriate name for a public high school, even when it references a historical community from the 19th century where whites, blacks, and Native Americans existed together? But apparently enough people felt strongly enough about how bad it would be to have Friendship in the name of the new high school in Apex, North Carolina that they signed petitions and came out several times to protest to the school board.