Monday, August 05, 2013

Cruising the Web

Like this is a surprise:
The average price for the lowest-cost ObamaCare "bronze" plan in eight states is 122% higher than the cheapest plan currently available in those states, according to an IBD analysis of rate filings and a recent Government Accountability Office report.
And neither is this a surprise:
Of the 953,000 jobs “created” so far in 2013, only 23%, or 222,000, were full-time. 731,000 were part time.
Tell us again how Obamanomics is bringing the economy back.

James Pethokoukis reminds us of how the Obama team promised back in 2009 that unemployment would be at 5% by now due to the greater-than-4% GEP growth that they were predicting.

Yup, al-Qaeda is sure on the run. Do stories of how a series of jailbreaks have freed over 1,500 suspected terrorists in the past couple of weeks make anyone rethink their opposition to Gitmo?

All Obama seems to have going for him is to blame Republicans and question their patriotism. That's not any way to defend his own policies.

A reader for college applications to Berkeley exposes what really goes on even though admissions officers are not allowed to take race into consideration.

The WSJ gives the down-low on how it came about that members of Congress and aides would be subject to Obamacare and how Obama intends to unilaterally ignore the law.

The FEC staffers have followed the the IRS officials who seemed to think it was perfectly fine to ignore stated laws and procedures for the greater good of limiting the reach of conservative organizations.

So the NYT is selling the Boston Globe for 7% of what they originally paid for it in 1993 plus they are still on the hook for $100 million in pension liabilities. Remember this next time you read financial advice in the NYT.

Political reporters like to make the same jokes again and again.