Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cruising the Web

Daniel Henninger identifies how the Obama approach to inserting the federal government into as many aspects of our lives works.
The education proposal reflects the Obama modus operandi. First, identify an American industry that long ago made a Faustian bargain for federal support, such as hospitals and housing. Then describe the subsidy-dependent industry's inevitable bloat and inefficiency in images so stark no reasonable person could disagree. "Burdened with tens of thousands of dollars" in student debt, Mr. Obama said at Binghamton University in New York, "they have to put off buying a home, or starting a business, or starting a family." [Footnote: That was federal student debt.] Then after getting buy-in from the mortified industry, he imposes the solution—on his terms.
Basically, he issues proposals that will exacerbate the problems that often have the federal government's interference as their foundation. And the results reverberate through our stagnating economy.
Imposing ObamaCare on health, education, finance, energy and anything else in reach is the reason why 2% growth and 7.5% unemployment looks chronic. We may have the best higher-education system in the world, but we're underachieving. So is the president.
When is a tax not a tax? When it is a "shared responsibility payment" in Obamacare.

The stories keep adding up of businesses that have cut back employee hours to cut their costs under Obamacare. And the results have now gone beyond simple anecdotes.
Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that the ratio of part-time to full-time jobs has completely flipped this year from historical trends. Last year, six full-time jobs were created for every one part time job. This year, only one full-time job is being created for every four new part-time jobs.

The shift to part-time has accelerated over the past several months because of the “look back” provision in ObamaCare that sets the baseline this year for the number of full-time workers a company employs to determine their compliance with the employer pay-or-play mandate.
Did Martin Luther King and his brave allies from the civil rights era really fight and sometimes die so that their heirs could "whine about political gridlock"? Even Barack Obama draws a line there. And isn't it a sad commentary on the state of the civil rights movement 50 years later that Al Sharpton is now speaking from where Martin Luther King once spoke?

Barack Obama continues to embrace the imperial presidency. And now he's seeking to evade federal laws because Obama drew an unfortunate red line without thinking it through.

Thomas Edsall analyzes the chances for Republicans to win the White House in 2016.

Forget Ted Cruz. I want to vote for his father.

So promising sorority girls free drinks at bars if they go vote in the school board races seems to work. Imagine the possibilities.

See how you would do on the new college exit exam.