Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cruising the Web

It's interesting how the goals of labor unions today are increasingly in conflict with the best interests of their workers and more just about increasing membership to get more money in dues.

Just what students need - a course in emceeing.
“Basically, we’re teaching students how to analytically observe hip-hop, in addition to how to practice it,” Livingston said.

Apparently, Shakespeare didn't coin as many new words as people had thought.

The Daily Beast profiles Ted Cruz as an undergraduate at Princeton. Some people thought he was arrogantly argumentative. Unsurprisingly, he was named the number one collegiate debater during his time there. So, basically, the guy is the same now as he was then. Some people couldn't stand him; others liked him, and everyone agrees that he was an amazingly good spokesman for whatever positions he was arguing.

Don't put any faith at all in public figures, like Mayor Filner, Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, or Tiger Woods, who say they've gone in for some short-term therapy for some sort of addiction and then come out saying they're all set to go. That is not how therapy works.

So about 100,000 New Jersey residents are set to lose their health insurance plans due to Obamacare.

Schools are becoming increasingly hostile to boys.

John McWhorter laments that Cory Booker isn't the traditional black politician.
For all of his commitment to Newark, Booker has never hinted at seeking a radically new order — his idea has been to bring Newark in line with the way the rest of America is making money.

In that, Booker disappoints those hoping he would be a black leader in the traditional sense. He’s good at saying his name with a pop on the b that subtly communicates black identity — listen to him say, “I’m Cory Bbooker” — but he isn’t the type that excites the black nationalist or the white fellow traveler. They see someone whose main niche seems to be sitting in suits talking to the man.
I'm still waiting to see why this is a bad thing.


John A said...

Booker - "I'm still waiting to see why this is a bad thing."
Only because he is in politics. Quite probably the doctor who came up with blood typing, making transfusions FAR safer, got the same criticism, but on a smaller scale because, after all, who ever heard of him?

"Apparently, Shakespeare didn't coin as many new words as people had thought."

And he is taught to us as being a serious man with his eye on posterity. Never mentioned is that while a great writer, his prime aim was the same as that of Flo Ziegfeld - please the public make money, preferably enough of both to be able to put on another production. People STILL like his plays, which is also true of a guy known as Homer who also wrote for popular tastes and money. Do it really well, and the work may last quite a long time.

Gahrie said...

I"ve always wanted to know how Shakespeare managed to do all of that writing with an NEA grant.