Friday, August 02, 2013

Cruising the Web

Larry Sabato and his colleagues examine the data to explain why a president's party loses seats in Congress during his term.

How Weiner and Spitzer are like failing summer blockbuster movies.

Are there any populists out there who truly do speak for the common man? And Arthur C. Brooks notes how Obama neglects the poor.

No wonder the EPA chief wants to ignore the economic impact of her department's regulations.

Democrats should be more concerned about felon voting rights rather than voter ID laws.

Just as liberals in the U.S. want to keep increase government spending on renewable energy, Europeans are learning the limits of such spending.

The president is quite public about his efforts to evade checks and balances.

Apparently, the newest gripe liberals have against Governor McCrory of North Carolina is that he gave protesters some cookies. Oh, the inhumanity!

Remember how, right after 9/11, there was a shortage of American flags as people rushed out to buy a flag to hang up as a show of patriotic solidarity? Well, we've come so far these days. Now the famous photograph of three firemen raising a flag amid the ruins was almost blocked from the 9/11 Museum because it was determined to be too "rah rah America." Yeah, wouldn't want any patriotism to insert its ugly and simplistic head into a museum commemorating one of the worst days in our nation's history.

John Dickerson wonders if people are just going to be tired of the misigas surrounding the Clintons by 2016. Some of us got tired back in 1992.

CNN has a blockbuster story about the number of CIA agents on the ground in Benghazi at the time of the attack there and all the pressure that is being put on those operatives to make sure that they don't leak information. Hmmm. Sounds like someone leaked that information to CNN.

We are defining dictionaries down.

Kimberley Strassel explains why the newest information about the collusion between the FEC and the IRS to target a conservative group, American Issues Project, matters.
The broader AIP case is, in fact, beyond improper. It's fishy. The Obama campaign takes its vendetta against a political opponent to the FEC. The FEC staff, as part of an extraordinary campaign to bring down AIP and other 501(c)(4) groups, reaches out to Lois Lerner, the woman overseeing IRS targeting. Mr. McGahn has also noted that FEC staff has in recent years had an improperly tight relationship with the Justice Department—to which the Obama campaign also complained about AIP.

Democrats are increasingly desperate to suggest that the IRS scandal was the work of a few rogue agents. With the stink spreading to new parts of the federal government, that's getting harder to do.
But it's all a phony scandal so move along.

Having solved all its other problems, Seattle city government is making sure that no one gets offended by the term "brown bag" lunch. Who knew that there were racial overtones to the term and that that meaning was so prevalent and offensive that the term has to be banned?

Our family just watched the documentary, "The Other Dream Team," about the Lithuanian national basketball team that won the bronze medal in 1992. It really was inspirational as it told the story of the lack of freedom in Lithuania when it was forced into the Soviet Union and how the desire for independence was connected up with support for their basketball players. It is well worth watching if you have an opportunity. Here is the trailer.