Monday, August 19, 2013

Cruising the Web

Are you ready for the approaching Cult of Hillary? Or does the idea make you ready to throw up a bit in your mouth?
Hillary Clinton has a long history of spinning straw into gold. The “experience” that she supposedly gained while First Lady largely consisted of her fouling up her husband’s health-care plan and then being called out from the sidelines to lie in front of the cameras; her role as America’s ur-feminist seems to be rather symbolic, as much projected onto her as by her; and her allegedly shining careers as carpetbagging New York senator and then as consolation-prize secretary of state were marked, to put it most charitably, by competence, and the latter was scarred forever by the disaster in Benghazi.

More of a challenge is that Clinton is the very model of a Washington insider; a political poster girl for a baby-boomer generation whose time has come and gone. The key question for America will be whether a new coat of paint, the imprimatur of the Democratic establishment, and the superficial insistence of the Internet Generation that she is special can transmute an almost-70-year-old woman into another timely savior of the downtrodden and dispossessed.

Kudos to Benedict Cumberbatch who has a message for the paparazzi that will, unfortunately, be ignored.

Here's some more evidence that Chris Christie is planning for bigger things than being governor of New Jersey.

Maureen Dowd works against her own self-interest in warning against a return to Clintonland politics as Hillary gears up for a presidential run.
Why is it that America’s roil family always seems better in abstract than in concrete? The closer it gets to running the world once more, the more you are reminded of all the things that bugged you the last time around.

The Clintons’ neediness, their sense of what they are owed in material terms for their public service, their assumption that they’re entitled to everyone’s money.

Are we about to put the “For Rent” sign back on the Lincoln Bedroom?

If Americans are worried about money in politics, there is no larger concern than the Clintons, who are cosseted in a world where rich people endlessly scratch the backs of rich people.

They have a Wile E. Coyote problem; something is always blowing up. Just when the Clintons are supposed to be floating above it all, on a dignified cloud of do-gooding leading into 2016, pop-pop-pop, little explosions go off everywhere, reminding us of the troubling connections and values they drag around.
Of course, a Hillary presidency would provide Dowd with scads of writing material that she seems to have mostly denied herself during Obama's hegemony. But, apparently, the creative feast that would be a return of Bill and Hillary to the White House isn't enough to convince Dowd that this is what the country needs. Of course, if Hillary were to win the nomination, I'm sure that Dowd would return to ridiculing Republicans with her usual scorn, but I get the feeling that she's hoping for someone else to support for the Democrats. I wonder how many Democrats who remember Bill Clinton's presidency are thinking the same thing.

Jazz Shaw tackles the argument that inequality is a public problem that the government should address. In my AP Government class tomorrow, we're going to discuss the first chapter that the students read in their textbook which covers American Political Culture. The textbook writes that, for all the disagreement on many issues, there are some ideals that Americans mostly share such as prizing liberty. Using poll results contrasting Americans' views with those of many European countries, the authors point out that Americans believe in equality of opportunity in contrast with Europeans who believe in equality of results. When we discuss this, the kids agree with the book's conclusions. But now it seems that there are more and more on the political stage who are trying to transform this country into one which looks to the government to achieve equality of results.

Check out which candidates are making moves to get ready for a run in 2016. Though I agree with Ed Morrissey that the GOP would do well to look to governors for their 2016 candidate.

The candidates in the New York races seem to want to return to the bad old days.

Terry McAuliffe has adopted an uninspiring defense of his company, Green Tech Automotive, that is now being investigated by the SEC: "I don't know anything, I was just in charge." Just that attitude citizens are looking for when they choose an executive.

The disconnect is truly large between what has been actually happening with minority voter turnout and the allegations of liberals who hope to spike their own support by making racial allegations.

"The hardest working man in demagogy"

The EEOC has lost another case in which they tried to argue that using credit reports and criminal background checks should be illegal because such checks would disproportionately harm minorities. The judge seemed to think that the EEOC's argument was just as stupid as anyone of common sense would see it. HOw refreshing.
In the case, the judge also said “The EEOC has placed many employers in the “Hobson’s choice” of ignoring criminal history and credit background, thus exposing themselves to potential liability for criminal and fraudulent acts committed by employees, on the one hand, or incurring the wrath of the EEOC for having utilized information deemed fundamental by most employers.”
Yet another Obama end run around Congress as he seeks to get the FCC to impose a tax for funding high-speed internet access. If it's such a good idea, why is he avoiding going through Congress, you know the way the Constitution requires?

The woman who has become symbolic of the problems with North Carolina's new voter-ID law, 92-year old Rosanell Eaton, would actually have little trouble voting under the new law. She is named in the federal lawsuit challenging the law. All the claims about the problems or inconvenience that the law would present to her in having to reconciling her driver's license, birth certificate, and voter-registration record which all have different spellings of her name are false for four different reasons. But what does reality have to do with claims of racism are to be made?

The vice president of Cato Institute, David Boaz, has an interesting interview about the state of libertarian thought in America. Find out whom he identifies as the most libertarian member of the Supreme Court. You may be surprised.

In fighting to lower disciplinary standards in public schools, the left is actually harming the minority students that they pretend they want to protect.