Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cruising the Web

Jim Geraghty highlights the really demanding schedule that the President will be observing when he finishes his holiday. He's hosting the 1972 Dolphins at the White House to commemorate their undefeated season. Do you get the feeling that Obama is using his position just to meet up with as many athletes whom he has admired as possible?

For those upset by photo ID laws, here are 24 things that require a photo.

Obama never wanted to have to defend his surveillance policies. But, because of Edward Snowden, the President is having to enter into a debate he just wasn't interested in having.

Andy McCarthy highlights the hypocrisy of Obama getting all on his high horse about Russia's obnoxious anti-gay law, but staying silent about the laws in Islamic countries which call for the death of homosexuals. His administration has even worked with an Islamic jurist who speaks quite approvingly of such laws.

Why are we seeing leaks like this? Can't they keep anything quiet? Or do they just want to keep bragging?

For those who have their panties in a knot about a rodeo clown making fun of Obama, here are 10 images wishing death to George W. Bush. But mocking The One seems to bring out all those people who no longer believe that dissent or satire is the highest form of patriotism. That's only true when a Republican is president.

Ah, another law that Lois Lerner may have broken. And how convenient that this helps her hide some of what she was doing at the IRS.

The new Labor Secretary, Thomas Perez, is already throwing his weight around. This time he's messing with California Governor Jerry Brown's efforts to limit future pension benefits for for California's new-hire transportation workers. As worried before his confirmation was forced through during Harry Reid's grandstanding about filibusters, Perez is hard at work doing the work of unions even if it means taking on a Democratic governor dealing with huge budgetary problems because of promised pensions.

Here is an interesting look at Roger Bushell, the man who lead the escape from Stalag Luft III, which was made famous in the fantastic movie, The Great Escape. That's always been one of my favorite movies - its one of those movies that I'll stop and watch if I ever run into it on TV no matter the dozens of times I've already seen it.

There are dozens of ways to get around campaign finance reform. The NYT exposes one of the ways that the Clintons get around these laws by having people donate to the Clinton Foundation and then they do favors for those donors. As one Clinton acquaintance tells the Times, "Brilliant people get away with a lot in Clinton world." Dennis Miller tweets,
The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation makes Wyclef Jean's Haiti Fund look like The Little Sisters Of The Poor. #belovedgrifters

MSNBC fails geography. Did they just throw darts at a map?

Obama's geographic goof placing Charleston, Savannah, and Jacksonville on the Gulf Coast is just one of quite a few gaffes about geography and history that Obama has made.

The Democratic Party of San Diego knew back in 2011 about repeated and consistent allegations of sexual harassment against Representative Bob Filner, but they swept it under the table because they needed him to win the Mayor's race in 2012. They asked him and he denied the charges and the women weren't willing to come forward with complaints. So they ignored the allegations and went consulted with an attorney.
Despite their efforts to alert the party, SaldaƱa, Sullivan, and Diaz were scarcely able to grasp the extent of the situation. As Sullivan put it, "I did not understand or have a sense at the time that I expressed my concerns to Jess Durfee in 2011 that it was anything as prevalent as it seems to be by the accounts that have come forward." And none of them knew what was about to happen inside Filner's San Diego office after his successful mayoral bid, where his communications director has alleged he asked her to work without her underwear and subjected her to months of crude talk and proposals, some delivered while she was in a headlock.

But if Durfee and other party officials had spoken with a good lawyer, the San Diego Democrats might have had a better sense of what they were dealing with in 2011 -- and what the City of San Diego could very well face now. And if Durfee had pressed for names -- as an attorney might well have recommended, and as is standard practice during vetting for high-profile political campaigns -- and taken the initiative to call the women, he might have uncovered more about the scope of the problem.

Read the details of how one couple came under the detailed investigation of the FBI, OSHA, ATF, and IRS when the wife became involved in Tea Party politics. This is the result of the political intimidation implicit in the IRS scandal.

Explaining the ratings collapse of Meet the Press.

RIP Jack Germond. Andrew Ferguson writes a lovely obituary for Germond based on some fascinating anecdotes from Germond's memoirs.

Apparently, journalism graduate students don't read print newspapers. They also don't read magazines or books. This might be a clue to them about the job prospects for the career they're preparing for.