Thursday, August 01, 2013

Cruising the Web

The CBO has released its estimates of the cost of Obama's unilateral delay of the employer mandate.
[It] will increase federal spending by $3 billion in 2014 and reduce federal revenues by a net $9 billion, thereby increasing the federal debt by $12 billion.
And the new spending is to account for the additional people who will need to receive government subsidies due to not getting insurance from their employers.

So what exactly is the qualitative difference between what Bill Clinton did and what Anthony Weiner did? Why is Huma being excoriated on all sides for sticking by her man while Hillary is praised for supporting her husband? Is the only difference that the Clintons were already in office and the highest office at that? James Taranto asks,
So Hillary is admired and Huma maligned because Hillary married better. Isn't feminism wonderful?
For liberals who want to argue that the IRS targeted progressive groups just as they did conservatives, here's the evidence to disprove that argument.

One way to insure that a scandal seems phony is to avoid asking questions. Hence what the administration has been doing in the IRS investigation.

Daniel Henninger explains how Obama seeks to reduce support for the other branches of government so that he can try to justify his expand his own executive authority.
A principled opposition would speak out. Barack Obama is right that he isn't running again. But the Democratic Party is. Their Republican opponents should force the party's incumbents to defend the president's creeping authoritarianism.

If Democratic Senate incumbents or candidates from Louisiana, Alaska, Missouri, Arkansas, North Carolina, Montana and Iowa think voters should accede to a new American system in which a president forces laws into place as his prerogative rather than first passing them through Congress, they should be made to say so.
George Will ponders how Democrats want to remove all hint of human agency being to blame for Detroit's collapse because, otherwise, they would have to look in the mirror.
There you have today’s liberalism: Human agency, hence responsibility, is denied. Apart from the pesky matter of “voting in elections” — apart from decades of voting to empower incompetents, scoundrels and criminals, and to mandate unionized rapacity — no one is responsible for anything. Popular sovereignty is a chimera because impersonal forces akin to hurricanes are sovereign.

The restoration of America’s vitality depends on, among many other things, avoiding the bottomless sinkhole that would be created by the federal government rescuing one-party cities, and one-party states such as Illinois, from the consequences of unchecked power. The consequences of such power — incompetence, magical thinking, cynicism and sometimes criminality — are written in Detroit’s ruins.

Byron York argues that there are too many divisions that cut in different ways across the Republican spectrum that the number of these disagreements reduce the possibility of a civil war within the party.

And Michael Barone points out that the Democrats are also divided. This story about Obama chewing out a Democratic congressman who dared to criticize Larry Summers in evidence of those divisions. It's just that such divisions tend to be smoothed over when the party holds the White House.

What a surprise - Obama is being wildly misleading when he describes the few jobs that would supposedly result from approving the Keystone pipeline.

There is no difference in red or blue America when it comes to upward mobility.