Friday, July 05, 2013

Cruising the Web

This is totally depressing.
I know that he's editing out the people who know about the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War, but still.... There shouldn't be this many clueless people anywhere, even on a California beach.

Don't feel sorry for those striking BART workers.
They're already the top-paid transit system employees in the region and among the best in the nation. They have free pensions, health care coverage for the entire family for just $92 a month and the same sweet medical insurance deal when they retire after just five years on the job.
They work only 37½ hours a week. They can call in sick during the workweek and then volunteer for overtime shifts on their days off. The rules exacerbate out-of-control overtime that in 2012 added an average 19 percent to base pay for station agents and 33 percent for train operators.
Meanwhile, BART faces a $142 million operating shortfall over the next 10 years. It already owes a $636 million debt for employees' pension and retiree health care benefits. Aging train cars and the train control system must be replaced. And BART faces billions of dollars of deferred maintenance and repairs.
When will these public employees unions realize that there just isn't any more money? I somehow doubt that public employees unions are never going to earn public sympathy ever again. Government budgets just can't afford all the goodies promised by politicians whom the unions have bought and paid for with money coming out of the public till. Fortunately for me, they've postponed the strike until after my daughters and I visit the area in a few weeks. It was starting to feel like planning a trip to France around the striking transportation workers.

Is this what Hope and Change has come to - managing low expectations?

You go, girl! Ruth Bader Ginsburg vows not to succumb to liberal pressure to retire before the 2016 election. And any 80-year old woman who can do daily push ups and lift weights deserves to determine her own retirement date.

So a French minister chewed out the U.S. at a 4th of July party at the U.S. embassy for spying on European countries. Come on. As if France isn't doing the same or wishing it had the technology to do the same. In fact, it turns out that France is surveilling its own citizens' phone and internet use just as the NSA has been doing. But I'm sure it will all blow over once John Kerry wows them with his command of the French language.

Though really. Does anyone believe that having John Kerry look busy on the Fourth of July instead of going kayaking and playing on Nantucket Sound would make any difference to all the foreign policy hotspots around the world?

Obama is just making stuff up as he revises his administration's true history of its Egypt policies. Time and again they've waived Congressional restrictions on aid to Egypt in order to help the Morse government. Don't buy Obama's claims that he's always been concerned about human rights in Egypt.
In nearly every confrontation with Congress since the 2011 Egyptian revolution, the White House has fought restrictions proposed by legislators on the nearly $1.6 billion in annual U.S. aid to Egypt. Twice in two years, the White House and the State Department fought hard against the very sorts of conditions for aid that Obama claimed credit for this week. When President Mohamed Morsi used the power of his presidency to target his political opponents, senior administration officials declined to criticize him in public. Many close Egypt observers argue that the Obama administration’s treatment of Morsi has been in line with the longstanding U.S. policy of turning a blind eye to the human-rights abuses of his predecessor, Hosni Mubarak.
Look at what the NEA is debating at their convention and note how little of it has to do with education. They want to require hotels to offer MSNBC as long as they're offering FOX on their news line-ups and to secure environment for guests who smoke so they won't have to bothered by vagrants and panhandlers.

Rich Lowry pays tribute to the role model that Frederick Douglass is for us today.

Harry Enten rains on the hopes of Texas Democrats that Wendy Davis would have any success running for governor in 2014 or those who think the growth of the Hispanic vote could turn Texas blue any time soon.

Slate explains why countries don't want to give Edward Snowden asylum.

The White House tells us how magical Valerie Jarrett truly is.

Jim Geraghty is not impressed with the great Democratic hope to defeat Mitch McConnell next year.

Cheer up, environmentalists. Things are actually going quite well for Mother Earth.

Christian monks fighting over holy places in the Holy Land - isn't this how the Crimean War began?

Here are the fifteen best renditions of the Star Spangled Banner. Who would have expected Jack Black to do a better job than Neil Diamond?