Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cruising the Web

Gosh, the jokes just write themselves, don't they? They're now thinking of advertising Obamacare on porta-potties for all those uniformed young people who just don't know yet how wonderful the whole thing is. And they really, really need those young, healthy people to start signing up for the health exchanges. And they somehow think that a message in a john at a concert will be the right venue to reach young people about their financial decisions. I know I'd be persuaded to buy insurance by what I read in a porta-potty while at a rock concert - that's definitely where such financial planning should take place and for Obamacare, what venue would be more appropriate?

So who will blink first: Wal-Mart or the D.C. government which is considering a law targeted solely at Wal-Mart to force them to pay 50% more to their employees than other employers paying the city's minimum wage. The union-controlled members of the city council would prefer to stick it to Wal-Mart rather than have some well-needed employment and retail shopping provided in the poorer parts of the city. If Wal-Mart pulls out, it could mean the loss of 900 jobs in the District.

Ah, this must make that NEA convention so worthwhile. Where else could they dance to a rap song using the N-word and discussing the rapper's "tool in his pants" telling listeners that “when it’s over you ain’t gon need ya vibrator.” Yup, nothing says education like a teacher who can get "shakin their boobies like congos."

The House votes to preserve our right to buy the type of light bulbs we please and let the market determine if compact fluorescent bulbs are the best choice.

There's something deeply disturbing to think that there are people who would show up to signal their support for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Of all the causes in the world to spend one's time on, there have to be a million better ones out there.

Explaining Obama's Broken Window fallacy in the President's anti-carbon policies.

Anyone who thinks that Edward Snowden is truly concerned about privacy protection from an intrusive government should just look at the places he's looking to for help: China, Russia, and Venezuela.

A researcher has located some extremely rare film footage of FDR being rolled in his wheelchair.

The Millennials strike back at Time Magazine.

John Podhoretz has a theory to explain Eliot Spitzer - the guy is nuts.

Is it a coincidence that Jay Leno's ratings are soaring since NBC announced that they had fired him while Leno has begun taking regular potshots at the Obama administration? I guess there is a market out there for fair and balanced comedy.

It seems that we keep hearing stories about countries spying on their own citizens. Even Luxembourg, apparently.

Kevin Williamson has the humorous, yet dismaying story of how a simple computer bug was thought to be an act of war by the Department of Commerce.

Politico reports that "diversity" is down in media newsrooms. Of course, "diversity" doesn't mean what Politico thinks it means. There's more to diversity than ethnicity. But if they talked about ideological diversity, they'd have to take the beam out of their own eye.


Paul said...

I'm shocked that Luxembourg is spying on all three of Her citizens...

elkh1 said...

Snowden: that was a silly comment. Have you heard Obama's buddies in Europe, the so-called free world wouldn't let a plane refuel for fear Snowden was there? You expect them to help him?

Have you heard France fined a citizen for embarrassing France 2 TV by exposing their al-Dura hoax? Do you know a scapegoat filmmaker who "caused" the Benghazi debacle is still in jail? Have you heard Bradley Manning was forced to sleep naked on the floor? Have you heard prosecutors are pressured to arrest Zimmerman by the Fed? Have you heard the "Justice" Dept. bankrolled a fierce racial protest against Zimmerman, a private citizen? Have you heard a TV network selectively edited a 911 call to advance their agenda? Have you heard a federal agency, the IRS, targeted political opponents? Have you heard the Justice Dept. hacked into a journalist's computer for investigating their gun running operation, and the Benghazi debacle?

Is there much difference between the so-called "free" world and the countries that you sneered at?

mark said...
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mark said...


Any proof regarding your claims regarding Zimmerman?

Why would anyone make a hero/martyr out of this loser? Arrested for assaulting a police officer, allegations of domestic abuse and child molestation, and a proven liar.
A tough-guy wannabee who is now pinning his hopes on a jury believing it was his high-pitched scream while being manhandled by a "f****** punk".

elkh1 said...

Let's say all young people love Obamacare, then what? How do they demand Obamacare from their employers when they don't have an employer? How do they pay for it themselves when they don't have a job? How does the IRS make them pay when they don't have incomes and don't file their tax returns?

Sandra definitely loves her free condoms.

Gahrie said...

Definitely the biggest problem today facing young Black males is racial violence from Whites.

Rick Caird said...


Judicial Watch released documents showing Justice was involved in the Martin protests:

As far as Snowden goes, none of those governments would be as intrusive as the US would be since the US want to try him for treason. Hmmmm, let's see: Live in Venezuela or rot in prison awaiting a trial for treason. It is not hard to see which one would be more intrusive, Betsey.

mark said...

Yes, a long-existing branch of the Justice Dept. was "involved" in the Martin protests. The Community Relations Branch is designed to monitor protests to help reduce tensions if needed. There is no proof to support elkh's claims.

Do you think JW has any bias? I noticed a section on their site regarding the now non-existent Acorn, and plenty of charges against dems/liberals. Nothing about repub scandals. Dedicated to "rooting out corruption"? I guess they haven't heard about Bob McDonnell yet. Have you? Why does the conservative media continue to ignore this? Perhaps the Daily Caller is on this.

Rick Caird said...

Mark, You asked for a reference and I gave it to you, I saw nothing that Justice did to "reduce tensions" unless you think they played a part in getting Governor Scott to appoint Corey as prosecutor and took the investigation away from the Stanford police. But, if you believe that, then that supports elkh1's position and indicates a purely political prosecution.

Second, ACORN is not gone. They have simply changed their name. Jut do a search on "ACORN name change" and watch the stories tumble out.

mark said...

No, Rick, you didn't provide a reference that the justice department "bankrolled a fierce racial protest against Zimmerman". Feel free to try again.

Rick Caird said...

Ah, Mark, give it up. Judicial Watch just released an audio recording of Justice urging groups to demonstrate.

Now, since we also have expense accounts of Justice people going to Sanford, it is proven that the Justice spent money on the demonstrations.

You can quibble, Mark, over the term "bankroll", but the fact is Justice picked a side and upported it. That is not what we want or expect in a Federal Justice department. Once again, you are foolishly and completely wrong.

mark said...

Again, you have an issue with lying about words:

Urging groups to "seek justice" is not the same as "bankrolling" a demonstration, let alone a "fierce racial protest".

No, "bankrolling" is not the same as "supporting". Try this little activity: Imagine a candidate you support. Now ask yourself, Are you bankrolling this candidate? No? Well there you go! Not the same.

Finally, I asked for "evidence" of elkh's charges, not "references". Again, different meanings. But, of course, you know that. Even your deceptions are easy to shred.

Last, First, MI said...


I think you'd object if your tax dollars went to fund a DOJ CRS effort to work with an anti-abortion march on the steps of a courthouse holding a hearing that might lead to shutting down an abortion mill.

I think you'd be especially concerned if they were sent there by a man that lied about shipping arms to drug cartels in Mexico or on the behalf of a President that had recklessly injected himself into the matter by announcing that if he had aborted his son it would have looked like an aborted fetus that resembled him based on skin color.

Get the picture or would you like a sonogram?

And while we're at it, how about that verdict? Do you really think the case hinged on "...[a]high-pitched scream while being manhandled by a 'f****** punk'"?

I sure hope you're not angry with that all-woman jury. If you do, you'll be guilty of launching a war on women! (That's what happens when you disagree with someone of a different gender now)

You'll probably just call them liars and frauds, as you usually do when you cannot agree with someone else's interpretation of the facts, as we've all seen here many times.

Rick Caird said...

Ah, Mar, you are still a child. It is clear from the audio recording and the expense accounts, Justice worked to create the protests. Now that Zimmerman is innocent, that becomes even more problematic. While your position on Zimmerman crumbles and the evidence accumulates that Justice took an unhealthy role (not to mention our idiotic President who not only messed with the Zimmerman situation, but also military sexual assault cases), you cling to "bankroll". I will agree Justice to not fund the protesters, but that does not exonerate them.

You are a typical Ezra Klein child. You cannot refute the thrust of the claim, so you focus on a word. Some liberals never grow up. Have you even reached 18 yet?

mark said...

A little more "quibbling", Rick. Zimmerman was found "Not guilty", no "innocent". Do you really not understand our judicial process.

While I'm disappointed at the outcome, I'm glad Zimmerman had the right to due process and a fair trial (and I'm opposed to the feds bringing charges).
Maybe this can be a little civics lesson for all of you here who wanted to throw a man in prison based on the anonymous charges of two(paid) prostitutes.

Last, First, MI said...


It sounds like you are having a hard time with the decision by the jury.

Applying your same quibbling tactic to Menendez makes him not innocent of the charges by the other prostitutes. That two prostitutes have decided that it is in their best interest to reverse their initial claims does not change the fact that three other prostitutes have said that they have had a business relationship with your senator.

It also doesn't change that his creepy benefactor was flying him around on his plane - for which Menendez has been forced to reimburse - but we'll see where that investigation leads.

Maybe the DOJ CRS can help out!

Rick Caird said...


There are only two possible verdicts: "guilty" and "not guilty". Innocent is included in the "not guilty" as well as a class called "not proven". In this case it is pretty clear Martin attacked Zimmerman. Hence, Zimmerman was found "not guilty by reason of self defense".

I assume your example of prostitutes refers to Menendez. Menendez should be investigated rather than let slide like Corzine has been allowed to do.

A strong case can be made that we are developing two sets of justice. One for the politically connected that seems to entail neither punishment nor investigation unless there is a strong political reason, like Zimmerman, to engage in a witch hunt to satisfy political pressures. Remember, the Sanford police and prosecutors concluded there was no winnable case before the investigate and prosecution was taken away from them. They were right.

The other system of justice seems to be for us ordinary people where the deck seems stacked against. It is quite an asynchronous system where the police can lie to me, but it is a separate crime if the police even think I lied to them.

I liked Glenn Reynolds comment suggesting the Zimmerman non conviction will result in states changing their laws to make it easier to obtain convictions. That will result in more black males being sent to prison.

Between Prism, spying, and the lying in the justice system, this is nowhere near the same country I grew up in. I mourn the loss. I have heard some people suggest that if Zimmerman likes his freedom, he should go visit his relatives in Peru for an extended vacation.

mark said...

See, equitus, you're already making strides. No longer insisting that Menendez should be punished for molesting children:

Last, First, MI said...
Identities? Identify ANY Democrat that has demanded that Bob Menendez, child prostitute customer and Democratic Party Senator from New Jersey, step aside and cooperate fully with the current FBI investigation.10:37 AM

equitus said...

My question, again: Identify ANY Democrat that has demanded that Bob Menendez, child prostitute customer and Democratic Party Senator from New Jersey, step aside and cooperate fully with the current FBI investigation.

Good for you. Baby steps.

Last, First, MI said...


It would seem that Equitus is really in your head. I guess it's good that there is something up there.

Anyway, when you can find the time away from chasing Equitus around the yard, try to give a response to Rick Caird's challenge to you about the DOJ playing in on the demonstrations. If you're up to that you should be able to tell us why similar conduct from the DOJ would not concern you if the CRS were attempting to shape anti-abortion mill demonstrations.

After that we can explore Menendez's sex, donor, and influence scandals, to your heart's content. Or you can run away.

mark said...

You've proven with your "abortion as a blood-sport" joke that you're not sincere about the issue. It's just one more example of how you disgrace thinking conservatives. Why not just give it a rest?

Last, First, MI said...


Your assessment of my sincerity about abortion is kind of like Zimmerman making a call about the threat to his life, no? I guess it's in the eye of the beholder or maybe it just comes down to some sort of prejudice, void of rational thought.

Are you racially profiling me now?

We can keep on playing this silly game if you like but I'd rather hear your supporting argument for sending DOJ personnel to Florida to aid in the protest demonstrations.

Last, First, MI said...


Here's some real sincerity from the left on the abortion topic:

Bottom line: These male students at the University of Colorado believe supporting "Choice" improves their odds, in their words, of getting "laid"! The desperation of the left has never been more sincere!

Oh and by the way, the "issue", as you stated above was not about abortion. Now step up and defend the DOJ intrusion in a local trial.