Thursday, July 11, 2013

Cruising the Web

Gosh, the jokes just write themselves, don't they? They're now thinking of advertising Obamacare on porta-potties for all those uniformed young people who just don't know yet how wonderful the whole thing is. And they really, really need those young, healthy people to start signing up for the health exchanges. And they somehow think that a message in a john at a concert will be the right venue to reach young people about their financial decisions. I know I'd be persuaded to buy insurance by what I read in a porta-potty while at a rock concert - that's definitely where such financial planning should take place and for Obamacare, what venue would be more appropriate?

So who will blink first: Wal-Mart or the D.C. government which is considering a law targeted solely at Wal-Mart to force them to pay 50% more to their employees than other employers paying the city's minimum wage. The union-controlled members of the city council would prefer to stick it to Wal-Mart rather than have some well-needed employment and retail shopping provided in the poorer parts of the city. If Wal-Mart pulls out, it could mean the loss of 900 jobs in the District.

Ah, this must make that NEA convention so worthwhile. Where else could they dance to a rap song using the N-word and discussing the rapper's "tool in his pants" telling listeners that “when it’s over you ain’t gon need ya vibrator.” Yup, nothing says education like a teacher who can get "shakin their boobies like congos."

The House votes to preserve our right to buy the type of light bulbs we please and let the market determine if compact fluorescent bulbs are the best choice.

There's something deeply disturbing to think that there are people who would show up to signal their support for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Of all the causes in the world to spend one's time on, there have to be a million better ones out there.

Explaining Obama's Broken Window fallacy in the President's anti-carbon policies.

Anyone who thinks that Edward Snowden is truly concerned about privacy protection from an intrusive government should just look at the places he's looking to for help: China, Russia, and Venezuela.

A researcher has located some extremely rare film footage of FDR being rolled in his wheelchair.

The Millennials strike back at Time Magazine.

John Podhoretz has a theory to explain Eliot Spitzer - the guy is nuts.

Is it a coincidence that Jay Leno's ratings are soaring since NBC announced that they had fired him while Leno has begun taking regular potshots at the Obama administration? I guess there is a market out there for fair and balanced comedy.

It seems that we keep hearing stories about countries spying on their own citizens. Even Luxembourg, apparently.

Kevin Williamson has the humorous, yet dismaying story of how a simple computer bug was thought to be an act of war by the Department of Commerce.

Politico reports that "diversity" is down in media newsrooms. Of course, "diversity" doesn't mean what Politico thinks it means. There's more to diversity than ethnicity. But if they talked about ideological diversity, they'd have to take the beam out of their own eye.