Friday, June 07, 2013

Cruising the Web

Dag! John Ekdahl catches a telling error on the administration's part. Apparently the administration spokesman thinks that the F in FISA stands for "Federal." Oops it stands for "Foreign." I guess that when you're trolling through domestic phone records it's easy to forget that little detail. (h/t Hot Air)

The WSJ and Washington Post report that the NSA gathering of our private interactions is much broader than first known. They're gathering up our internet records including our credit card purchases and website visits. It's amazing how the leaks turn into an avalanche once we had the first leak about Verizon to the extent that the administration had to declassify some details to talk about the program. Somehow, telling us that this is nothing new and has been going on for years is not all that comforting. And to have Saxby Chambliss utter this inanity is contemptible: "To my knowledge, we have not had any citizen who has registered a complaint relative to the gathering of this information." Yes, well it is rather difficult to complain about something we didn't know about.

Yuval Levin defends Kathleen Sebelius on the heart-rending story of the 10-year old girl petitioning to be on the adult donor list. He's right that we shouldn't be politicizing the donor list.

So was the IRS exercising politics in delaying payout of $125 million to Virginia?

So does the 1986 election have anything to tell us about 2014?

John Stossel cuts through the whole myth of European austerity.

Take your pick from the five worst statements by Samantha Powers. I don't care about her dissing Hillary or John Kerry. But I don't accept her rejection of her own words on Israel as "weird." This is what she advocated before she was attached to Obama back in 2002.
Power advised that the United States should stop spending money on the Israeli military, and instead invest billions in a new Palestinian state.

“It may mean sacrificing—or investing I think more than sacrificing—literally billions of dollars, not in servicing Israel’s military, but actually investing in the new state of Palestine,” Power explained.

She continued by recommending that the United States invest billions to send “a mammoth protection force” in order to create a “meaningful military presence” in Israel.

One of the few concerns for Power was that such action would alienate the pro-Israel lobby in the United States.

“Putting something on the line might mean alienating a domestic constituency of tremendous political and financial import,” Power said.
I hope that ballyhooed "Israel lobby" can block her advancement to represent our country at the United Nations. We don't need someone who will echo just what all the anti-Israel voices up at the United Nations will say.

For all those talking about Issa overreach, remember that these sorts of oversight hearings is what happens any time there is divided government. Don't you remember Henry Waxman?

Another example of how the IRS wastes your money - they paid $17,000 to paint portraits of Bono and Michael Jordan. And this is another precious detail. The IRS didn't keep receipts on their travel to all these employee conferences. Imagine if you showed up for an IRS audit without your receipts for claimed business travel.

Ouch: Jay Leno on the Powerball winner: " Now, as for how much tax she's going to have to pay on that $590 million, the IRS said it's too soon to tell 'cause they don't know whether she's a a Republican or a Democrat."

The Connecticut state legislature thinks they can pass a bill and change history to say that the first manned flight took place in Connecticut.

Buzz. Wrong answer Mr. Holder. Try again.

The New York Times was cheering the IRS on a year ago in sticking it to conservative groups seeking non-profit status. I guess the IRS officials were just reading their press clippings.

Rich Lowry, author of a new book on Abraham Lincoln, explains how Abraham Lincoln is not the progressive hero that Obama and other Democrats have tried to pretend he was.

So we even are split in how we name our children.

It turns out the Matt Drudge was right.

The Onion jumps nasty with The One.

Sadly, German has dropped its longest word. But, if you're a fan of concatenation, you might want to click over and listen to how Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz is pronounced.

A new book has even more evidence that FDR's top aide, Harry Hopkins was actually a Soviet agent who gave important information to Stalin's Soviet Union.

Wow - someone clearing out a storage locker in Fort Worth found an unpublished novel by Pearl Buck.


Locomotive Breath said...

Interesting that the Smithsonian would weigh in on the matter of first flight since for years they denied the Wrights were first and instead claimed that Langley (who they sponsored) had been first.

84829942-3a88-11e0-83da-000bcdcb5194 said...

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As a direct result of this experience, and my compassion for my fellow men, I made a vow in June 2008 to re-introduce the rule of law into Australia and Ireland. Naturally, at the time I made the vow I had no idea how that might be done. We call it “throw your hat over the wall”. You make the vow and “figure it out later”.

Along the way I have talked to many tens of thousands of men, perhaps as many as 100,000 men have seen at least one comment by me one way or another. What I heard from men in 2008 was that they were DESPERATE for a remedy for the crimes being committed against them in the family courts. They were DESPERATE to find a way to end the criminal effects of feminism on their lives. Because so many men told me the same thing I mistook this to mean they actually WANTED to solve the problems of the family courts and feminism. As I said. My mistake.

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best regards

your brother peter

Pat Patterson said...

At least we'll always have Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.