Monday, June 24, 2013

Cruising the web

So what exactly have we gotten for Hillary Clinton's and Barack Obama's ballyhooed reset with Russia? Putin is basically thumbing his nose at the US as Russia helps Edward Snowden flee US requests for extradition.

Which congressman is acting as a shield or best friend for the IRS to try to block any further inquiry?

If you don't have time to watch White House briefings, here's an interactive database to find the 9,486 ways that Jay Carney will not answer the media's questions.

Ah, this explains why the EPA is rejecting peer review on their studying tying fracking to chemical contamination of ground water. It turns out that the EPA itself is responsible for the chemicals found in their non-peer-reviewed study. you can't make this stuff up.

Jackson Diehl excoriates NYU and Yale and other major international universities for bowing to the Chinese government and other authoritarian governments when it comes to academic freedom.

One more example of how terrible a journalist David Gregory is.

If the voter ID movement was all about disenfranchising minorities, it seems to have been a magnificent failure.

The Obama administration is suing to stop companies from investigating whether a job applicant has a criminal record. These cases raise all sorts of legal concerns and may one day end up at the Supreme Court. And regardless of how the remaining high-profile cases on affirmative action, the Voting Rights Act, and gay marriage turn out, this past year the administration has had a "terrible, awful, horrible year at the Supreme Court.

Now that we know how the IRS stymied tea party groups after the 2010 election, researchers can begin to estimate the electoral advantage that gave the Obama campaign.

Brother Bob at Flopping Aces demonstrates that "overreach" doesn't mean what the liberals think it means.

National Journal takes a look at the steps that potential 2016 GOP candidates are taking in the "invisible primary."

Just another reason to be creeped out by Rick Pitino. I don't want to see coaches without their shirts.

Yet another terrorist connection between Mohammed Morsi, the president of Egypt and the group responsible for killing 62 people, mostly tourists, in their attack at Luxor in 1997. Why do we give any support to this man?

We should have more of a policy against terrorism from Obama than wishful thinking that al Quaeda is on "the path to defeat."