Monday, June 03, 2013

Cruising the Web

Andrew McCarthy is just laughing about people who are surprised that Eric Holder misled Congress. He's made a career of doing so. Doesn't anyone remember the Marc Rich pardon scandal? IBD also reminds us of Holder's history of lying to Congress. Even the NYT is getting in on the act listing what they call "contentious episodes" in Holder's history as Attorney General in the midst of an article about how Holder wants to rehabilitate his reputation.

Well, this is typical of how Illinois got into the problems that it has now as the state Senate voted down a reform of their government worker pension system despite the heavy debts that the system is in. Their system is so bad that its status as the state with the worst debt was part of a quiz bowl national competition I recently took our team to compete in. Sadly, my students didn't know that little factoid.

Lois Lerner also led efforts to try to impose gift taxes on donors to a conservative group that was originally formed to support George W. Bush in a way the IRS had never done previously. The scandal just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Just like the definition of what the IRS called "a few low-level employees" turned out to be 88 IRS employees.

Who says that there is no voter fraud these days?

Ed Driscoll links to comments from Jonah Goldberg as why conservatives would be better off if the IRS scandal doesn't reach to Obama and remains a general condemnation of how big government works. Regardless, it's nice that the scandal is revealing to the American public what goes on in an average bureaucratic office. And stories about what goes on at an IRS training conference don't help. Unless you like amateur parodies of Star Trek or line dancing.
I love it when liberals reveal their ignorance of history. Chris Matthews is now saying that Jefferson Davis was a Republican. Proof that Matthews knows very little about America's political history.

Nate Silver explains how the decline in Hillary Clinton's poll numbers is totally predictable.

Doug Ross reminds us of how leftist blogs and the Democratic Party ginned up the hysteria against the Koch Brothers.

Jonah Goldberg rightly goes after the ludicrous parlor-game that some Republicans and the media love to play positing whether some such Republican whom the media used to hate, but now praise when they're dead or toothless, could never get elected in today's GOP.
As for the Democrats, which one, exactly, would have an easy time getting elected today? Forget about the repugnant sexual antics; John F. Kennedy was a foreign-policy hawk and tax-cutter. Jimmy Carter? A haughty, born-again Christian Southerner? Sure, he’d sail through the Democratic primaries. Even Bill Clinton, despite his enormous popularity among Democrats today, probably couldn’t get nominated if he ran as the Democrat he was in 1992.

No one knows how Nixon, Carter, Clinton, or Reagan — never mind FDR, Lincoln, or Washington — would change their views with the benefit of hindsight. It’s a fun parlor game to guess. But that’s all it is: a game.

Meanwhile, Republicans are subjected to a double standard. On one hand, they are vilified for being too inflexible, too hidebound. On the other hand, they’re condemned for not holding the exact same positions other Republicans held 30 or even 60 years ago. (Obama loves to invoke Eisenhower’s positions as if they prove GOP hypocrisy.) Which is it? Are they rigid, or changing too much?

Obama doesn’t even hold the same positions he held five years ago. But his ever-changing views are proof of “pragmatism” and “evolution.”

Oh, darn. Those evil "textualists" on the Supreme Court might strike down a part of Obamacare if they insist on reading what the text of the law actually says instead of what the law's supporters wish it said.

Michael Goodwin has fun ridiculing the media's hypocritical horror at Holder's abuse of press freedoms.
Holy scoop! If journalists are good children, next week the president and the attorney general might deign to say they believe in the First Amendment — off the record, of course.
Goodwin notes the differences in how the Obama administration has reacted to the media scandal and the IRS and Benghazi scandals.
The message for Americans concerned about the other abuses of power is clear — no presidential soup for you! The media get it all.

That doesn’t mean Obama likes the media — it’s just that he needs them. If they get off his bus, there will be nobody left to hide the truth.
Michael Bloomberg is really clueless when it comes to national politics.

Contrary to its stated goal, emergency rooms are set to become even more crowded due to Obamacare and the subsequent shortage of primary-care doctors. You know, just like conservatives predicted at the time.

This is not going to help Pryor's reelection hopes in Arkansas.

How nice that Congressional staffers can take relaxation lessons and learn strategies for forgiveness. What about the people who elected these staffers' bosses? They're the ones who need to learn about forgiveness.

J. Christian Adams reveals the everyday sort of harassment that should be illegal in government offices as members of a DC employees board plot to get rid of a pregnant employee because she is conservative.

Meanwhile, Mark Steyn has fun contrasting Lois Lerner's behavior when the President's half-brother submitted an obviously fraudulent claim for tax-exempt status compared to how American groups of conservatives were treated.
Although acting commissioner Steven Miller apologized for the “horrible customer service” conservative taxpayers had gotten, a gentleman by the name of Malik Obama received impeccable, express service when he took the precaution of mailing in his non-profit application from N’giya, Kenya, rather than notoriously slower mail processing centers such as Phoenix and Dallas. Malik, the brother of President Obama, runs the Barack H. Obama Foundation, named for the president’s father. On May 30, 2011, they applied for tax-exempt status, and had their approval signed less than a month later by Lois Lerner herself, and conveniently backdated by Lois to cover the two-and-a-half years the enterprising Malik had already been raking in “tax-deductible” donations from Americans. The Washington address of the Barack H. Obama Foundation appears to be bogus, and it’s not clear whether the funds are being used back in Kenya for anything other than supporting the famously lavish lifestyle of Malik and his twelve wives. Given that the IRS is not shy about asking American conservatives for Facebook posts and lists of who attends their meetings, Ms. Lerner surely would have been within her rights to ask Malik Obama about the “exclusive” photographs currently displayed on the Barack H. Obama Foundation website of a recent meeting in Sudan, one of only four countries the U.S. government designates as a “terrorist state,” and the Foundation’s apparently extensive association with the Sudanese president and blood-soaked genocidal war criminal Omar al-Bashir. Given that the IRS likes to ask conservative taxpayers whether their friends and relatives are planning on running for office, Ms. Lerner might like to ask Malik Obama when his friend President Bashir is planning on leaving office. After another quarter million corpses?
One writer in the leftist British paper, The Guardian, notes how liberals are so rude to those on the right. And when they're in groups, it never seems to occur to them that there might be a conservative there. As a teacher, I've noted how other teachers at a conference or seminar just assume that every teacher there agrees with them about those evil Republicans.

Three members of the British House of Lords have been caught in a media sting operation getting them to offer influence for cash. It's ABSCAM without the AB.

Michael Barone writes how Detroit's decline represents the decline of "Big Unit America."

The guy who secretly recorded Mitch McConnell bemoans how his life has changed since he was found out and how terrible it is that would-be journalists can't secretly record evil Republicans.

William A. Jaocobson posts on recent stories about war on small children who do anything suggesting a gun or even talking about a Nerf or bubble gun. School administrators have lost all sense of proportion in their zeal for zero tolerance.

Steve Chapman describes the lack of outrage when a black congressman makes a racist slur against a white politician. Of course, the reverse would never happen.

This is a fun contrafactual - what if Pangea had never broken up? What would the political map look like?