Thursday, May 09, 2013

Cruising the Web

In perhaps the most explosive bit of news from yesterday's hearing on Benghazi, it was revealed that not only did the people on the ground in Libya know that the attack was a terrorist attack, but Beth Jones, the acting assistant secretary for Near Eastern Affairs wrote an email to Gregory Hicks stating that she had informed the Libyan leadership that the attack was the work of Ansar al Sharia. So four days before Susan Rice's infamous Sunday talk-show appearances, and before Hillary Clinton blamed the video when she went to meet the coffins of the killed and supposedly comfort their families and before Obama blamed the video when he went before the U.N. And these deceptions from the administration created difficulties on the ground for any FBI investigation, especially since it directly contradicted the Libyan government's characterization of the attacks as premeditated terrorist acts.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton spent yesterday accepting a public service award in Beverly Hills. Oh, the irony.

It is clear that congressional hearings are awful tools for trying to get at the truth of what happened before, during, and after the Benghazi attack. The Democrats were in full defense mode and the media got distracted by their desire to cover the jury verdict in the sensational, yet nationally irrelevant Jodi Arias trial.

Edward Morrissey points out that one of the storylines that got buried when the media downplayed the Benghazi story was how Obama's policy in Libya had established a power vacuum in eastern Libya that became a hotbed of terrorist activity.
It is in the long-term interest of the Democratic Party for their foreign policy in the Middle East to succeed, because even with the press on their side they cannot wholly escape the effects of failure. By contrast candidates have shorter cost/benefit horizons. They only need to survive long enough to get theirs. Once that is done their loyal serfs are left to make shift as best they can. Defending the leadership at the cost of courting a foreign policy disaster must mean that the Party will eventually hold the bag.

Of course, the Democratic Party will do anything to try to keep this story buried in order to protect Obama and Clinton. You just had to observe the behavior of those Democrats in the hearing yesterday. But as Richard Fernandez writes, the Democrats will share in the judgment of history of this failure.

Coincidence or not that the ten best states to do business all have GOP governors?

Sean Trende makes his typically insightful analysis of the special election in South Carolina's 1st District. He concludes that the results show that there is no wave beginning that would help Democrats in 2014 which is what they need in order to take back the House next year. I would add that it also shows that running against Nancy Pelosi and fears of what Democrats would do if they took back the House still works among conservatives no matter their distaste for the Republican candidate.

Following Trende's analysis, this will be bad news for Terry McAuliffe in this year's gubernatorial election in Virginia.

Jonah Goldberg explains why he's not interested in liberal criticism of Mark Sanford's moral behavior.
Asking Republicans to vote for Colbert-Busch in order to punish Mark Sanford strikes me as a hard sell. Why support the party you disagree with politically just to punish a man you agree with politically? Colbert-Busch — whose political hero, of course, was John F. Kennedy – wouldn’t even answer directly whether she would vote for Nancy Pelosi as speaker. On matters of political integrity, it seems to me, Sanford was hardly the clear worse choice.

But one thing I really resent is the tendency of liberals to demand that conservatives stick to standards that liberals reject entirely. If you have no brief against the Clintons, the Weiners, the Spitzers, or the Kennedys please don’t pretend you’re offended by the Sanfords. Indeed, when Democratic politicians get caught in scandals, the response from liberals is invariably, Why can’t you conservatives lighten up? Who are you to judge? Etc. It is only when conservatives are caught in such messes, that liberals walk over to the conservative side, pick up our standards, and beat us up with them. Any talk of lightening-up or forgiveness is immediately denounced.

It’s absolutely true that conservatives need to wrestle with the question of what we should expect from our politicians. But I’m not sure liberals have anything worth listening to on the subject.
Bill Richardson continues the liberal trend to assert that minorities must subscribe to a certain ideology in order to be considered a legitimate member of that minority group. Apparently, he doesn't believe that a member of a minority group should be able to think for him or herself.

California has found a way to increase minority enrollment in colleges by going beyond affirmative action - actually help students before they are considering applying to college.

Apparently, the AFL-CIO doesn't like Wal-Mart hiring returning Vets.