Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Cruising the Web

Jim Geraghty is exactly right. The Republicans on the House Oversight Committee should refrain from showboating at the hearings today. They should limit themselves to pertinent questions and allow the witness's testimony stand for itself. So many times at these momentous hearings, each politicians takes half his or her time in playing to the cameras with long, portentous statements and questions and the witnesses barely get to speak. No one wants to hear from the politicians. They can wait until after the hearings and then go before to the microphones and cameras to make their self-important statements of outrage.

This is a reasonable list of five Benghazi mysteries we need an answer to.

Politico notes that Kentucky and Florida both have laws that allow politicians to run for only one office at a time so if Rand Paul and Marco Rubio plan to run for the presidency in 2016 they'd risk losing both the presidency and their Senate seats. Rand Paul would have to file for reelection by January 2016 so he'd have to make up his mind early on. Or they could get complaisant state officials to change their state laws.

Some reset: Putin kept John Kerry waiting for three hours before meeting with him yesterday to talk about Russia helping ending Syria's civil war.

The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals smacked down once again the President's non-recess recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board. They reminded the administration that the NLRB is illegitimately constituted and, as such, can not issue rulings.

Connor Friedersdorf has a long post exploring why liberal journalists got the Pigford story so wrong: they just don't want to acknowledge that progressive interest groups would scam the government and that Obama's administration would funnel money to those groups in order to buy them off.

So South Carolina District 1 Republican voters demonstrated yesterday that Mark Sanford's very public adultery and marital problems are not trumped by their dislike of the Democrats in Congress as they voted strongly for Sanford to be returned to the House over Elizabeth Colbert Busch. Contrary to polls showing the election would be close, Sanford won by 9%. Despite spending over a million dollars attacking Sanford, she wasn't able to convince voters that she would truly represent their interests in Congress. Sanford's margin of victory compared to Mitt Romney's margin in that district last year matches up almost exactly with predictions that a sex scandal loses a candidate about 5% of the vote. Given Romney's 18% victory there, hopes for Democrats were really rather fanciful. As Michael Barone writes, "ideology trumps celebrity."

Before Californians spend over $70 billion on their high-speed rail to nowhere, perhaps they should spend some money to make sure that the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge has bolts that are not cracked holding the new bridge together. As Mary Katharine Ham writes, "Focus, California. This is the important stuff. And, as President Obama says, don’t let experience with dangerous incompetence cynicism get you down."

Terry McAuliffe's autobiography is proving to be a cornucopia of statements that will kill his political hopes. Jim Geraghty highlights a couple of truly damaging quotes from McAuliffe himself.
Let me tell you, it’s a lot easier to raise money for a governor. They have all kinds of business to hand out, road contracts, construction jobs, you name it.
Add in the anecdotes he told us about leaving his wife while she was in labor to go to a Washington Post party and also leaving his wife and newborn baby son as he was bringing them home from the hospital in the car while he stopped by a fundraiser and the Virginia Republicans will be thankful to McAuliffe for doing their oppo research for them.

President Obama's commencement speech at The Ohio State University betrays his total misunderstanding of the thinking of the Founders as they wrote the Constitution. And where does he get off telling students that they shouldn't be thinking of their own individual ambitions and should instead be thinking of how they can help the government to do more.