Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Cruising the Web

This is a pretty damning accusation - that the administration gave orders for Special Forces to stand down instead of flying in from Tripoli to Benghazi to help the Americans under attack there. The Joints Chiefs chairman General Martin Dempsey and former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta both testified to the contrary. We don't know yet if the whistleblower is telling the truth, but it would seem that there are people who would know if this was true and we need to find out what happened. The accusations by Greg Hicks who was the US deputy chief of mission in Libya who was in Tripoli at the time of the attack are very detailed and specific so it would appear that this is a story we can get to the bottom of. As Allahpundit writes, "Are we to understand that it’s official Obama administration policy not to intervene in attacks on U.S. diplomats unless intelligence on the ground is perfect, or near perfect?"

When kids tell you that they have been working on their homework for so loooong, don't believe it. They're probably spending over 35% of their time doing other things like checking their email or Facebook. And that is the number that is determined simply from watching them for 15 minutes and when they know they're being observed. Imagine how much more distracted they are when they're in their bedrooms without being watched after a long than 15-minute time span.

Democrats are waking up to the problem of targeting red-state Democratic senators on gun control. Keeping the coalition together can be tough. They loved the idea of electing Democrats in 2008; keeping them there in 2014 is another story.

Chris Cillizza writes that Democrats should hope that Mark Sanford wins tomorrow in the South Carolina special election.

More lunacy in elementary schools punishing a kid for using his imagination.

Mary Katharine Ham slams Obama for his hypocritical commencement speech at OSU telling graduates that they should get involved in politics to prevent lobbyists from having their say in Washington. As if the Obama administration isn't rife with lobbyists and donors and as if those lobbyists haven't influenced his government.

And don't buy Obama's lines about the Founders and cynicism. He really doesn't understand the Founding Fathers at all.

Michael Barone explains what is behind the closely divided votes for the U.S. House in the past several elections.

The WSJ exposes how a back-room deal gave Native American tribal authorities to collect online sales taxes.

Local governments can't pay for public services because they're having to pay so much for public employees' pensions.

Kudos to Saxby Chambliss for hitting a hole in one while golfing with President Obama. I bet even Tiger Woods didn't do that.

How is this going to convince South Carolinians that a vote for Elizabeth Colbert-Busch is not a vote for the leftist fringe in the House? Sheila Jackson Lee is campaigning for her and the union that sued to block Boeing from moving to Carolina is contributing to her campaign. It seems rather a strange tactic to win in a solidly Republican district.

Do all those Hollywood types who love going down to Cuba to suck up to the Castros know about the racism of the Castro regime?

If someone had said the things about blacks that Mel Watt had said about whites, would he get nominated for any substantive government post?

Al Gore has wealth in the Mitt Romney-range.

Yup, that former head of the South Carolina Democratic Party sure is a racist jerk, isn't he? But will Democratic politicians condemn him? Will they be asked about his remarks about Nikki Haley every time they appear in public as Republican politicians would be if their state party leader had said something so objectionable? To ask is to know what the answer is.

The cover-up that is unraveling the administration's story on Benghazi has besmirched the reputation of the entire State Department.