Sunday, May 05, 2013

Cruising the Web

Perhaps the MSM is starting to notice how dishonest the administration was about Benghazi from the get go.

Is there anything that climate change can't cause? Don't these fanatics have any shame in the claims that they'll make about the effects of global warming? Apparently not.

Megan McArdle explains why expanding health care coverage does not necessarily improve overall health. And why this should matter to our health care policy. Of course, it won't because some policies are matters of ideology, not facts. For example, do Democratic politicians really care that Obamacare costs more it was sold to cost and delivers less and worse health care? Nope. They don't need no stinkin' facts.

Winning the Hispanic vote
would not have made the difference for Romney in 2012.

It's should be very worrisome to policy-makers that economists can't figure out where all those "missing workers" have gone and what the policy implications are.

It's rather a mystery why Democrats continue to honor Andrew Jackson. Is anyone in their party familiar with Jackson's history?

James Taranto explores why there "hate crime" hoaxes occur among the left. Sometimes, victim status is all they have even if they need to make up their victimhood.

Liberal whining about austerity relies on a fantasy that austerity in government spending has actually taken place.