Friday, May 31, 2013

Cruising the Web

So Eric Holder met with a few media representatives who were willing to accept his off-the-record confab on DOJ guidelines for dealing with media leaks. And some of those participants seem to have promptly gone and leaked what he said. And now the DOJ says that they would support a bill that would limit them from describing a journalist as a co-conspirator in a crime, you know, sorta like the DOJ did against James Rosen. So they'll beg Congress to stop them from lying on an affidavit for a search warrant. Shouldn't the basic requirements for not lying on an affidavit prevent that?

Heritage has a chart of the complicated system of implementation and regulation with the IRS for Obamacare. There are 47 separate provisions that the IRS will be implementing for Obamacare. And it will all be implemented by the woman who was in charge of the division in the IRS that was targeting conservative groups. Lovely.

Rich Lowry explains the true corruption revealed by the IRS scandal.
The administration’s corruption isn’t bags of cash or lies about interns; it is the distortion of our form of government by sidestepping democratic procedures and accountability and vesting authority in bureaucrats. The administrative state is, fundamentally, the Lois Lerner state.

Krauthammer excoriates Obama's approach to the war on terror which is to think that he can just click his heels and say that the war is over. Obama doesn't seem to understand that it takes two to stop a war. And Obama is totally fatuous when it comes to Gitmo.
Okay. Let’s accept the dubious proposition that the Yemeni prisoners could be sent home without coming back to fight us. And that others could be convicted in court and put in U.S. prisons.

Now the rub. Obama openly admits that “even after we take these steps, one issue will remain — just how to deal with those Gitmo detainees who we know have participated in dangerous plots or attacks but who cannot be prosecuted.”

Well, yes. That’s always been the problem with Gitmo. It’s not a question of geography. The issue is indefinite detention — whether at Gitmo, a Colorado supermax or St. Helena.

Can’t try ’em, can’t release ’em. Having posed the central question, what is Obama’s answer? “I am confident that this legacy problem can be resolved.”

That’s it! I kid you not. He’s had four-plus years to think this one through — and he openly admits he’s got no answer.

Because there is none. Hence the need for Gitmo. Other wars end, at which point prisoners are repatriated. But in this war, the other side has no intention of surrender or armistice. They will fight until the caliphate is established or until jihadism is as utterly defeated as fascism and communism. That’s the reason — the only reason — for the detention conundrum. There is no solution to indefinite detention when the detainees are committed to indefinite war.

Obama’s fantasies are twinned. He can no more wish away the detention than he can the war.

How convenient that four of Obama aides have gone through the revolving door to work for groups opposing the Keystone XL pipeline and others are also cashing in on their White House experience. Remember when Obama promised that his administration would be different.

Eliana Johnson explains why Lois Lerner needed to plead the Fifth: she mislead Congress which puts her subject to criminal penalties. It seems pretty clear that she was being dishonest with the House Oversight Committee.

The Louisiana chair of the state Democratic Party is now running away from reporters so she doesn't have to answer questions about her statement that the reason that people oppose Obamacare is due to their racism.

Apparently, it was the Nazis who first began breaking bad.

Jennifer Rubin lists the top ten signs that a scandal isn't going away.

Check out this map of the most popular baby names by state. It's interesting that there would be state variations in choices. See what names California and Texas have in common and what name the solid South chooses.

One of the guys who signed off on many of the letters intimidating conservative groups was recently promoted.

Stuart Taylor goes after Obama's slush fund in Obamacare.
What makes the Prevention and Public Health Fund controversial is its multibillion-dollar size, its unending nature (the fund never expires), and its vague spending mandate: any program designed “to improve health and help restrain the rate of, growth” of health-care costs. That can include anything from “pickleball” (a racquet sport) in Carteret County, N.C. to Zumba (a dance fitness program), kayaking and kickboxing in Waco, TX.

IRS targeting of conservative groups more broadly than originally reported. Another target were groups supporting Israel. By coincidence, the IRS targeted groups that took a different stance from the Obama administration on Israeli settlements. The administration didn't like those groups and said so publicly. And then lo, and behold, the IRS chose to audit those groups.

James Pethokoukis quotes "the greatest thing ever written about taxes" from a piece by Richard Epstein. Those upset at Apple should read it over.

Democratic gubernatorial joke, Terry McAuliffe, blamed George W. Bush for his dad's death. It seems that the senior McAuliffe couldn't live in a world with a Republican as president. I wonder how he survived 1981 - 1993.

Note to Californians who voted overwhelmingly Democratic in the last few elections. Your health insurance rates are set to increase from 64 to 146%.

Check out the rich and famous to whom the federal government gives agricultural subsidies.

See how you'd do on part of the vocabulary quiz that the Spelling Bee contestants did.