Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cruising the Web

The AP phone-monitoring scandal just got worse as AP's president told staff that the DOJ obtained records for "thousands and thousands" of phone calls made by reporters and editors.

You got a dollar? Perhaps you'd like to buy Newsweek. It's for sale again. Last time, it sold for a dollar plus taking on its liabilities. And as anyone could have predicted, that hasn't worked out.

Big surprise - the factcheckers are biased just like the media outlets they write for.

Hmm. There is a lot of similarity between what the IRS was doing as it targeted conservative groups and how the NLRB is trying to carry out a particular agenda.

This is a column that some of my former students are talking about as a UNC student writes that his AP classes in high school were more challenging and better taught than his current college classes. As a teacher of three different AP courses, I've often suspected that this was true. And one reason is that I have to prepare my students for a standardized test that covers a broad spectrum of material. I can't decide that I spent less time on one topic so I won't bother putting it on the test. I can't decide that I enjoy teaching certain aspects of history and so I'll focus on that and bypass the material I don't enjoy as much. Plus I have to work on writing skills to get them ready for the test and for college, but their college professors don't have to take on that burden.

Do Obama and Thomas Friedman know this?
The Chinese government is planning for private businesses and market forces to play a larger role in its economy, in a major policy shift intended to improve living conditions for the middle class and to make China an even stronger competitor on the global stage.
First it was the Department of Justice. Now it is Harvard University that was secretly searching emails to track down leaks.

So what is going on at the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation where male employees were forcing female workers to dance around a strip pole in order to get full-time work? Don't these guys know anything about sexual harassment? Have they ever read the news? Some people are just too dumb for words.

Speaking of too dumb for words, how about school administrators who disciplined a kindergartner for bringing a Lego toy plastic gun the size of a quarter.

Guy Benson destroys Jay Carney's claim that the White House is satisfied with the IRS's responsiveness to questions about their political targeting. I guess it doesn't take much to satisfy the "see-no-evil" attitude of the White House.

DNC Spokesman Brad Woodhouse is getting schooled on Twitter when he tweeted that those in the media who refuse to meet with Eric Holder in an off-the-record briefing are forfeiting their right to gripe. Er, no. The First Amendment gives all of us the right to gripe.

Margaret Carlson recommends that Obama start "sweating the small stuff" and try a "broken-windows theory of governing." Perhaps, Obama would be a bit better at this if he'd actually run anything before becoming president. But Carlson is overly optimistic if she thinks that any one person can make the government run better. She might benefit from reading some of the links in my husband's post on rent seeking and Public Choice economics.

Oh, color me shocked that Lincoln Chafee has come out as a Democrat. Did anyone think that he was truly a Republican or even an independent? I guess he can join Charlie Crist in a party of RINO's who hope to be welcomed into the Democratic Party and find out that no one is all that fond of such party-switchers who don't bring any political power with them. Chafee might want to read a history of Benedict Arnold's lack of welcome from the British after the Revolutionary War.

It must make it really hard for the Obamanians to have a scandal that liberals can't blame on Bush.

Take this, Paul Krugman. Austerity doesn't seem to be harming the economy.

Environmentalists should look at how cap and trade has fared in the EU.

IRS chief Douglas Shulman visited the White House more than any other Cabinet or agency head. And his visits top others by more than double or triple. If the excuse is that he was discussing the implementation of Obama care, why did he have more than triple the number of visits than Kathleen Sebelius?

Gosh, conservatives are having a lot of fun with Eric Holder's "creeping sense of remorse." Here is Rich Lowry.
Yes, Eric Holder was beginning to wonder whether Eric Holder had made the right call. Eric Holder is typically very supportive of Eric Holder, but in this case, Eric Holder had his doubts. “Holder knew that Justice would be besieged by twin leak probes,” the Daily Beast relates, “but according to aides, he was also beginning to feel a creeping sense of personal remorse.”

That creeping sense of remorse may get worse if Eric Holder gets around to reading in the papers that Congress is investigating whether Eric Holder lied to it under oath. (If the controversy gets any worse, the Justice Department might want to assign an aide to clipping out stories in the papers about Eric Holder before Eric Holder gets a chance to read them in the morning — just to keep his spirits up.) It turns out that Eric Holder did indeed make a false representation about Eric Holder.
Holder can join his boss who seems to be debating with himself when he talks about the war on terror.

Congress has already reformed Obamacare three times.