Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Cruising the Web

Gabriel Malor notes the contradictions within the administration's response to the IRS story.
There is a fundamental disconnect between the White House's actions and the White House's words on the IRS scandal. The White House has repeatedly claimed that the President is "outraged" over the targeting -- but there are surprisingly few actual consequences for outraging the leader of the free world. One of the folks involved in harassing conservatives got a promotion. Another got several thousands of dollars in bonuses. Even the thought of legal consequences is tossed aside as "irrelevant."
So why is the President so outraged if the story is "irrelevant"?

As Ed Rogers writes, "'nothing to see here' is not a viable strategy."

Another year, another wide disparity in the ideology of speakers invited to speak at commencements across the nation.

The administration has a history of trying to suppress the press. As Tim Carney writes, for Obama, "speech isn't free when it criticizes him."

The Department of Justice has a history of targeting whistleblowers as the DOJ's Inspector General released a report yesterday about how they targeted the man who leaked information about what the administration had done in Operation Fast and Furious.

Unions are starting to break with the Obama administration over Obamacare. If only they'd paid attention to the warnings conservatives were giving while the bill was being debated.

Another whisteblower on Benghazi is deciding to speak out. Turns out he didn't appreciate being made the scapegoat for Hillary Clinton.