Monday, May 13, 2013

Cruising the Web

The Justice Department and the Education Department's Office for Civil Rights have now taken such a broad definition of sexual harassment that they're completely ignoring what the Supreme Court has said constituted illegal sexual harassment. As Hans Bader writes, the new guidelines being sent to universities is now so broad and open-ended it could include any joke or sex education class or any "verbal, nonverbal, or physical conduct" in which any reasonable observer might find unwelcome. This extension of what universities need to include in their sexual harassment policies is quite alarming.

Maybe Mayor Bloomberg should stop worrying about what and how much New Yorkers are drinking and focus on what his own company was doing to pry into the private files of banks and government officials. Bloomberg News was even spying on Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner.

Yet another example of why Thomas Malthus was wrong.

Paul Mirengoff notes that Hillary Clinton is using the same characterization of questions she resents answering for Benghazi that she used for Whitewater. And Mirengoff wonders why Clinton was so angry about having to answer questions on Benghazi.

Walter Russell Mead explains why the jobs crisis is much bigger than we might think.

Now Obama wants to call $1 trillion in spending on Obamacare a "tax cut." Truly Orwellian.

Of course, this is an administration that celebrates Mother's Day by trumpeting free birth control.

Michelle Goldberg writes at The Daily Beast that we better not consider Ariel Castro beating his captives until they miscarried the babies they'd conceived after he raped them as murder in order to give this monster the death penalty because it would be a slippery slope to then regard women who get abortions as murderers. Pro-choice advocates have always worried about laws that target those whose violence end a pregnancy as murder because of this same concern that worries Goldberg. Well, blame the Supreme Court. If they hadn't said that the death penalty can only be given for homicide, perhaps Ohio would find a way to get the death penalty for a guy who kidnapped women and helped them prisoner for ten years while raping and torturing them.