Friday, May 10, 2013

Cruising the Web

Heather MacDonald explores how the University of California system, beyond those departments focused on the sciences and engineering, is deeply focused on teaching a diversity agenda about racism and sexism and bypassing teaching western history and culture. And then the universities whine at any budget cuts that they might have to experience. They just can't bear to cut back on the millions they spend on diversity plans.

Black voter turnout is not exceeding white voter turnout. And increasing black voter turnout has been going on since before Obama's appearance on the national scene. And all this is happening while states are enacting supposedly racist voter ID laws. Of course, Sean Trende is skeptical as to whether we can trust the figures on voter turnout.

Guy Benson explains twelve damning revelations from Wednesday's hearings on Benghazi. Jonah Goldberg explains what differences it makes what happened in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton said that she takes responsibility for the events in Benghazi. Watch this video contrasting her testimony with that of the whisteblowers on Wednesday.

An article in Psychology Today argues that we're raising a "nation of wimps." By removing challenges to our children, we're weakening their abilities to face challenges in their adult lives.

Norm Ornstein explains how the American president has much weaker influence on Congress than many observers think.

Charles Krauthammer looks at Obama's pusillanimous approach to Syria, writing, "You know you’re in trouble when you can’t even get your walk-back story straight."

Some charter schools in the District of Columbia are now turning away a higher percentage of their applicants than Ivy League schools. Now 43% of the city's students attend charter schools and more would do so if they could just win a spot in charter school lotteries.

If you're an adjunct instructor in Virginia, you can blame your salary cap and decreased hours on Obamacare. But of course the Democrats told us that no employers would change their employment plans based on Obamacare's mandates on employers whose employees work more than 30 hours a week. When will politicians understand the effect of such disincentives in the real world?

Now that we know that the video had nothing to do with the attack on the Benghazi consulate, we should remember all those on the left who wanted to limit First Amendment freedoms that we have in our country in order to not offend Muslims.


mark said...

Last, First, MI said...


Do you have any words, or even thoughts, of your own? How about you venture an opinion of your own? I'll read that - not some link.

mark said...
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mark said...


My opinion? You're a fool and a liar without integrity or principles.
No, wait, those are facts. The evidence:

Last, First, MI said...
Identities? Identify ANY Democrat that has demanded that Bob Menendez, child prostitute customer and Democratic Party Senator from New Jersey, step aside and cooperate fully with the current FBI investigation.10:37 AM

equitus said...

My question, again: Identify ANY Democrat that has demanded that Bob Menendez, child prostitute customer and Democratic Party Senator from New Jersey, step aside and cooperate fully with the current FBI investigation.
1:31 AM

Last, First, MI said...


Your comments at 5:47PM was one of the most intelligent things you've ever written here.

But then you come back at 8:03 with your usual paranoid screed about me being some other boogie man. You should seek help.

BDS isn't something you should toy with Mark. I fear you are in the tertiary stages of this dread disease. Symptoms: Blame Bush for anything you are otherwise incapable of explaining in your own words; Denial; Tourettes-like rants; Delusional episodes centered around the belief that everyone is ONE - and respond to them with spittle-flecked outbursts!

Happy Mothers Day!

Last, First, MI said...


As long as republishing previous entries is in style, I'd like to throw on in here that you failed to respond to from earlier in the week:

mark said...
Conservatives are now joining SC voters in overlooking Sanford's 37 ethics violations, including his use of taxpayer money to fund travel for his affair.
9:16 AM

Last, First, MI said...

Those folks could advise Sanford to talk with Charlie Rangel about ethics violations and your wingman, Menendez, about traveling on someone else's dime for the chicas! In fact, the three could meet up at Rangel's DR property, you know, the one he "forgot" to report for taxable income. Menendez' special friend, the DEM fundraiser/contributor/pimp doctor, could let them use his plane and set up the "entertainment" for them.

And you, well you can stop complaining about the quality of the people the other side of the aisle is sending up just as soon as you get the lefties to find someone that has any integrity at all to offer. Colbert? She spent most of the campaign hiding because she's as big an embarrassment as Sanford!

I'd trade all three of those politicians and the wannabee for the four good Americans that were cashiered and abandoned in Libya for the sake of preserving the 2012 Obama campaign and the 2016 Clinton campaign! You can keep the doctor.

12:35 PM

mark said...

You've already changed your story. You first claimed you (merely) plagiarized (pulled a Biden) from "lfm", to now saying you intentionally lifted his quote to fool me into thinking you were a liar (Well played!)

That you condemned Menendez as a "rapist" and "pedophile" based on the charge by two anonymous prostitutes (and called for him to "step down") should be an embarrassment not only to you, but anyone who claims to understand and respect the Constitution.

Nope, no paranoid screed or tourettes. Just evidence that, as I said, you're a liar and a fool.

Last, First, MI said...

Poor delusional Mark,

Equitus and I are two entirely different people and as often as you claim to know so much about him, I have to wonder why you struggle so much with this each time I come up on the threads here.

But back to business:

Take a shot at Sanford for his travels abroad but ignore Menendez? What does that say about you and WHY did Menendez pay all of that money out when he was caught? By the way, The Daily Caller maintains that the prostitutes they interviewed were not the ones the WaPo had presented to them by Menendez's contributor's Dominican friends. Now if the WaPo had done some investigating on this rather than taking their spoon-feeding from one of Menendez' cronies, I'd be impressed but they didn't and I'm not. I'd like to indulge you on this some more but Menendez is small potatoes. Hillary and Obama bin-Ghazi are on the chopping block now.

It's going to be a hot summer!

equitus said...

You can stop beclowning yourself now, mark. Betsy confirmed with me that she has already told you that I am not LFM.

I know it's too much to expect an apology from you for your weeks of baseless slander and vitriol towards me and LFM. We'll just let Betsy's statement to me be on the record. We'll also let your actions continue to be an accurate reflection of your character (such as it is).

mark said...
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mark said...

mark said...
Not true, equitus. Betsy told me that she "doesn't think" you are "lfm". I doubt it's hard to set up two accounts on two computers. She also told me you asked her to ban me, which you've claimed is a lie. Oh well.

Let's review, shall we?
When I first exposed the identical posts under two names, you claimed you "pulled a Biden" (otherwise known as plagiarism) with a simple cut-and-paste. You even apologized to "lfm" (don't worry, he forgave you).
When I pointed out that adding the words "My question, again" undermined your story, you changed it and said it was a deliberate trick.
So what's your story now? Was it a trick or a careless oversight on your part?
Fact is, you and "lfm" have gone nearly identical rants about abortion and Menendez, so the evidence you provided was just a bonus.
An apology? Again, you've called me a fascist, a friend to rapists and pedophiles and said I enjoy abortion as a blood sport.
In turn, I've claimed you are "lfm" (which I still believe), and have called you a liar and a fool, which I have proved.
But by all means, continue to whine about "personal attacks". It amuses me.

mark said...

BTW, equitus,
Does it not embarrass you to have privately gone to Betsy at least twice to complain about me? After all, you generally choose to challenge me to a response.

equitus said...

As if you were worth the effort to set up a separate IP just to spoof you. Please, mark, you're not as important as you think you are. I do, however, object to being slandered falsely and repeatedly in public.

I don't want to make it a habit of feeding your trolling. I have too much respect for our host. But I will take this moment to push back.

About my copying LFM's question, of course I added "My question again.." and then pasted LFM's 30 words. That's obvious isn't it, even to you? Does it seem to you like I was trying to maintain a fiction of separate identity, but then I somehow managed to retype every word, tense, and punctuation from a previous comment exactly?

I have not gone on any rants about abortion or Menendez. I've made some brief comments, but it's not my style or inclination to "rant" (this comment being a rare exception). That accusation of yours if founded on your belief that I post as LFM, which is putting the "evidence" after the claim - circular logic. Likewise regarding calling you a rapist and pedophile and murderer; I did not. I think I may have once said what you were doing was fascisticm but I stopped short of calling you a fascist. Indeed, your attempts at my personal destruction through malicious lying is indeed one tactic that fascists are known to use.

Finally, there's my missive to Betsy. I mostly wanted to apologize to her, and encourage her to set you straight so that comments wouldn't constantly be hijacked. (No that does not embarrass me:

Dated March 7:

Hi, Betsy. It's your faithful equitus.

I'm afraid I stirred up your resident troll. It's gotten pretty ugly, if you haven't noticed.

I hope you understand that I'm not "Last, First MI." (I don't know if you can compare my IP with LFM's or whatever.) I copy-pasted a question of his weeks ago, and now mark's taken it as irrefutable proof that I'm a sock-puppet liar etc. etc. and he apparently has a jihad out on me and LFM. I can handle the slander, but it does a great disservice to LFM and his great comments. It also debases your blog.

I'm all for free speech and wouldn't ask you to ban mark. I also suspect that having a troll isn't all that bad for page hits, so he has his value. ;-) I don't know what to say but that I'm really sorry to have contributed to this mess.

Still love your blog. Thanks.

A snip from her reply: "I think mark has gotten around to understanding that you're separate people."

Are you now also saying Betsy is a liar too? How do you think that makes her feel?

It's obvious that your intention is to get me to stop posting my comments here, and to intimidate others as well. It's the stock and trade of your politics and leaders. But do you think this is fair to Betsy? She works so hard on this blog; do you feel it's right to just piss all over it like this?

mark said...

Another manipulation, equitus: I did not accuse Betsy of lying. I think she is wrong. You might not realize it, but I think she's wrong about a lot of things, and I'll go out on a limb and say she thinks I am wrong about a lot. I like and respect Betsy, and have made it clear several times that she can simply ask me not to post, and I will abide.
You are lying about not calling me a fascist. You said it in context of people who want gun control. I never claimed you called me a pedophile, rapist and murderer. You did call me a "friend of pedophiles and rapists". Why did you change my words?
It seems that, by disowning your comments, you are finally realizing how disgraceful you were regarding Menendez. I suppose that's a start.

Last, First, MI said...


Why not just roll with these paranoid delusions of yours? I mean, they're obviously not going to go away, so you might as well have a debate on the subjects of the day, right?

Equitus and I will hold down the pro-Second Amendment side while you can argue vociferously on behalf of infringement. We can argue for government transparency and accountability regarding Benghazi and you can keep on asking, "What difference does it make anyway"? We'll say that shipping guns to Mexican drug cartels: "Bad". You'll extol the virtues of Eric Holder, obfuscation, evasion and dead Mexicans and US Border Patrol agents.

Speaking of US Government agencies...we'll object to using the IRS as a political tool to suppress the opposition and you can tell us that the IRS should be at the center of our health care system, expanded, and used to monitor certain aspects of the First Amendment. What could go wrong with that?

Or you can continue to howl at Equitus.

Whatever you do, it's going to be a long, hot summer for Obama bin-Ghazi, Hillary's "Exploratory" committee, and the Justice Department on Fast and Furious and now this latest intrusion scandal against the AP.

Better tell your guys to remember the sunscreen because they're getting exposed (for what they are)!