Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cruising the Web

I agree with the WSJ. There is no point to the GOP filibustering gun control legislation. Debate it out. Make the Democrats stake out their positions. Why give Democrats the escape hatch of blaming the Republicans for the bill's failure to pass without having to take a position? Quite a few Senate Democrats don't want to vote for this bill. The Republicans in the Senate who want a filibuster are granting their wish to escape a difficult choice.

Ed Morrissey contemplates those people who are spending their time celebrating the death of Margaret Thatcher. Why would people be so excited about the death of someone who has been out of public life for over 22 years? How old were these people when she left 10 Downing Street? Perhaps any excuse for rioting and turning over cars is worth while. Even in death, she continues to be lucky in her opponents.

Jay Rockefeller, who supported Obamacare from the beginning, is now warning that it is "so complicated and if it isn't done right the first time, it will just simply get worse." Ya think?

A new GAO report details 162 separate areas where the federal government has duplicative programs wasting about $250 billion. As Senator Tom Coburn points out, that is close to three times what the sequester is. Why do we need 76 programs on drug abuse? Could it be because politicians would prefer to be about to tout their creation of a new program whether or not dozens of a similar program already exist? Erika Johnson points out that this is on top of a GAO report on the 82 programs to support wind energy.

Just what New York City needs - more Anthony Weiner.

Is the United States really experiencing a crisis in infrastructure? Not really.

Stuart Rothenberg picks the most vulnerable incumbent senator in next year's election.