Monday, April 08, 2013

Cruising the Web

An old-time doctor explains how medical care changed with the advent of general insurance for everyone. He and his patients used to have to concern themselves with the costs and benefits of medical recommendations. Now...not so much. And the result is the spiraling medical costs we're experiencing now. That is why medical savings accounts which would encourage individuals to return to caring about those costs and benefits are the best recommendation for halting the inflation in medical costs.

How will people react when they find out that Obamacare has led to their losing the health insurance that their employer used to provide them?

Don't swallow the "blame the tests" defense for the Atlanta cheating scandal. You wouldn't accept that excuse from a child cheating on a test; we shouldn't accept it from dozens of teachers and school administrators.

George Will excoriates Johns Hopkins University for its denial of recognition to a pro-life group because they object to their protests outside a local abortion clinic. In other words, they object to the message. You know they wouldn't deny recognition to a group that protested if their message was a favored one. Can you even imagine the school denying recognition to a group simply because they advocated a pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel message or a message in favor of gay marriage or against gun ownership? As George Will writes, "Hopkins’s institutional intolerance would be boring were it simply redundant evidence of academia’s commitment to diversity in everything but thought."

President Obama's economic policies constitute a war on economic growth.

So President Obama's ill-chosen quip that California's attorney general, Kamala Harris, is the best-looking attorney general is not only offensive to women, but it's arguably not even true. Floridians think their attorney general wins the award. But, of course, she's a Republican so she doesn't even count.

Perhaps another answer to our nation's gridlocked politics is to return to the vision of our founders with competitive federalism. Let the states be laboratories of democracy to try different approaches and let us see which reforms are the most successful instead of having the federal government impose one-size-fits-all solutions.

John Podhoretz laments that politicians are letting themselves be bribed for so little these days.

Ross Douthat explains that Susan Patton, the Princeton mother who raised a ruckus by advising women at Ivy League schools to find a spouse while they're at school, was acknowledging what everyone already knows about Ivy League culture. The true value of going to such schools is the connections one makes, not the education.