Friday, April 05, 2013

Cruising the Web

Rich Lowry notes how the President's push for new gun laws seems to be a big fizzle. Perhaps that is what happens when politicians strive to pretend to be providing some sort of solution to whatever crisis there is.
Gun control always founders on the paradox that it is possible to write new laws for the law-abiding but difficult or impossible to reach criminals who don’t care about laws. Michigan has required a permit to purchase a handgun since 1927. The rule has evidently made no impression on those bent on doing harm to others in Detroit or Flint.

The gun-control debate has subtly shifted away from Newtown even though the president keeps bringing his case back to that atrocity. Nothing that happened in Newtown had anything to do with background checks. No background-check law will ever prevent someone like the mother of Sandy Hook gunman Adam Lanza from buying guns unless the parents of children with autism-like symptoms are to be banned from owning firearms.

The president’s push for new gun laws looks, at this juncture, like a complete fizzle. He has failed to sway red-state Democrats and failed to maintain the heightened public support for new gun-control laws. The most concrete effect of his advocacy has been, if the anecdotal evidence is to be believed, to stoke increased gun purchases on fear that the government wants to ban guns. He set out to lead a great crusade for gun control and ended up the best friend the gun industry ever had.
As seems increasingly common for this president, Obama appears to want an issue rather a solution to immigration. Why else would he be so resistant to efforts to secure the border in exchange for everything he purports to want in a bill? Now the proposal is to grant "near-instant legalization" just when Homeland Security submits their plan to secure the border. So a "plan" alone is supposed to be enough of a trigger? As always, "to seem" trumps "to be."

George Will is excellent as he ridicules the efforts in our public schools to make white children feel guilty about being white. And Linda Chavez takes a whack of what has become of so-called liberal education in college.

Matthew Continetti casts doubt on the inevitability of Hillary Clinton.

I wish that my students and former students who are so eager to vote for Democrats would have some idea of how those policies are both torpedoing their job opportunities while saddling them with more and more debt to pay off from the meager earnings they can hope to have.

Mayor Bloomberg's mandates lack the scientific data that he pretends they have.

Even Democrats are suspicious of Obamacare.

Guess what happens when a state bill is declared unconstitutional? Sometimes, such laws just remain, unenforced, on the books forever.

Why it is such a waste of time to get a Ph.D in literature.

Another month and another bad jobs report. Time for the Chairman of Obama's Council of Economic Advisers to trot out the same phrases that "more work remains to be done" that he's said over and over and over again.