Thursday, April 04, 2013

Cruising the Web

No Justice! No Peace! for Chicago schoolchildren. The unions will block any measure for the school district to conserve money even if that money is going to pay their salaries and exorbitant pensions.

Campbell Brown criticizes the President for leaving out the media and video industry in his speech yesterday on gun violence. But that wouldn't help him score rhetorical points against conservatives and would actually antagonize his fundraising base.

Sean Trende has a typically intelligent column on why postmortems from the 2012 election are overstating Republican problems.

Matt Lewis explains how some conservatives are "straight by day and swingers by night." Somehow the movie Wedding Crashers exemplifies this.

Buzfeed is the website role model for the NRCC. That is going to change everything for the GOP, right?

Apparently, Michelle Obama finds rural Iowa scarier than Chicago.

Susan Collins is invulnerable. Remember that the next time conservatives whine about her RINO-ness. She knows what she's doing.

How typical for Obama to tell those people who paid $5,000 a person to hear him at his $2.5 million fundraiser that we can't have "perpetual campaigns." I guess the man has no sense of irony.

Here's credentialism run amok. You now need a bachelor's degree and two years experience to be a cashier at McDonald's.

Here's a graphic to demonstrate the minimalism of Obama's gesture of returning 5% of his salary to the federal treasury compared to how much taxpayers spend on the President. And he gets to claim a tax break while he's grandstanding. Under this system, "the government would pay Obama, who would pay the government, which would then pay Obama."