Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cruising the Web

Get ready for the damage that Obamacare will do to your pocketbooks as people will either lose their insurance altogether or have to pay as much as, what experts estimate, as 13% to 101% for your insurance if you already have it.

Obama goes all pretend-libertarian when it comes to abortion, but not when it comes to buying our own health insurance or basically any other policy issue.

Gosh, Obama and his administration sure have changed their tune on Syria and their supposedly unmistakable red line. When he was making those clear threats to Syria, did Obama even consider that we might find evidence that they had, in fact, crossed that line?

Megan McArdle looks at a contrafactual inspired by Sandra Day O'Connor's musing that maybe the Supreme Court should not have taken the Bush v. Gore case. As McArdle reminds us of the different stages of that agonizing recount political trauma, she concludes that it would have mattered exactly when the Supremes declined to take the case. At some point, Bush would still have won. Or, if they had allowed the Florida Supreme Court, manned by all Democrats, to have chosen to conduct the rescount exactly the only way that would have allowed Gore to win, we still would have had the perception that the president was selected, not elected. It just would have been a different set of partisans who would have been angry. There really was no fair or perfect way to have settled a count that was so very close.

If the internet tax bill goes through, get ready for 9,646 entities to have the power to tax internet purchases. What small business can keep up with all that?

It is really tough for school employees to get out of being part of the NEA.

Here's a demographic fact I wouldn't have realized: more than twice the immigrants to California over the last decade have come from Asia rather than from Latin America.

Kevin Williamson has a fascinating story about the fight for desegregation in Phoenix before Brown v. Board and the role of Barry Goldwater.

Kirsten Powers asks how abortion advocates know that Gosnell's clinic was an aberration?

Mark Steyn is angrily eloquent as he takes on a society that can't bring itself to talk honestly about the Boston terrorists or the Philadelphia abortion atrocities.

Well, duh! the guy who bought Newsweek now thinks it was a mistake.

It must have been hard to have found someone even more hapless than Ray LaHood to be Transportation Secretary, but Obama has done it.