Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Cruising the Web

Lovely. France's tax tsar admits that he's been maintaining a Swiss banking account for 20 years in order to evade France's taxes. Now that he's been found out, he's apologizing for having lied about the account for years. Another stellar moment for the Hollande government.

Poor Dionne Warwick is down to last two fur coats and is declaring bankruptcy for the second time while owing $10 million in back taxes. Apparently, the Psychic Friends Network didn't warn her about hiring bad money managers.

Matt Lewis recommends that the conservative movement should have slowed down and nursed along potential conservative stars like Dr. Ben Carson rather like the Nationals brought along Stephen Strasburg after he got injured.

Bret Stephens remembers the wonderful Michael Kelly who tragically died ten years ago in Iraq. I still miss his columns and wonder what insights he would have had about current politics.

Noemie Emery explains what it means when a politician "evolves."

Gee, I wonder what would happen if we asked everyone receiving disability to undergo a thorough examination to prove that they were indeed disabled. When they did this in Britain, a third of the recipients didn't even bother and just dropped out of the system and more than half of those tested were found fit for work. With the American rolls of those receiving government disability checks, it sounds like something well worth doing here.

John Podhoretz is rightly condemnatory of Columbia's hiring of a woman who was involved in planning bomb attacks destined to go off in the university's own library if they hadn't blown up the bomb-builders instead. A few decades later, after having lied to the parole board to get out of prison, she's just a celebrity academic hire. Sheesh!

Ah, the heavy hand of city government steps in to respond to the restaurant lobby's complaints about competition from food trucks. Just what the city's residents and tourists need to protect them from quick, relatively cheap and tasty food. So why is it government's job to limit competition to protect restaurant owners?

Bryan Preston exposes how the Obama administration wants to pick up right where we left off creating the housing bubble and banking crash. I guess if you spent the last four years blaming the wrong culprits for the crash, it's just an easy step to recreating the same problems that actually did lead to the crash.

President Obama's fear-mongering about sequestration has produced a self-inflicted wound that keeps festering. Every time the President and his family do something out of the ordinary that costs the taxpayers a lot of money, observers can now quantify the money spent by how many months of White House tours could have been paid for with that money. Today's entry: a large celebrity-filled concert at the White House. It's not that the public doesn't want the First Family to host events like this concert. It's just that the contrast is stark between the Obamas having fun with celebrities in the same building that kids' groups are denied the opportunity to tour.