Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cruising the Web

This is fun. Check out the first SAT test. It premiered in 1926 and students had 97 minutes for 315 questions and many of the questions are very different from today's questions. I especially like the one where you answer questions on a made-up language. Others were quite strange.

Timothy Carney reminds us of how some environmentalist policies help big companies more than they help the environment.

Max Boot explodes the idea that terrorists like the Boston Marathon bombers "act alone." Their inspiration comes from foreign terrorist organizations. They accept those groups' propaganda. They receive their know-how and training from those groups. There is no acting alone in this case even if we never see any proof of actual meetings with those foreign groups.

Did anyone who supported Obama in 2008 imagine how many of Bush's policies Obama would still be using five years into his presidency?

Explaining how the head of one small New York teachers' union embezzled at least $800,000 from her union. I'm sure it was all for the children.

Oh those whistleblowers! FAA employees are going public with how "the FAA management has stated in meetings that they need to make the furloughs as hard as possible for the public so that they understand how serious it is."

Strategies include encouraging union workers to take the same furlough day to increase congestion. "I am disgusted with everything that I see since the sequester took place," another FAA employee wrote. "Whether in HQ or at the field level it is clear that our management has no intention of managing anything. The only effort that I see is geared towards generating fear and demonstrating failure."

Remember this when you hear from the Department of Transportation how the sequestration is to blame for travel delays. As Rich Lowry writes,
Somehow, the Obama administration managed to find the federal employees perhaps most essential to the nation’s transportation and commerce, and send them home. It found one of the few categories of federal workers that operate something, and cut it. It found a way to make one of the most aggravating aspects of modern American life, air travel, even more aggravating.
The administration is deliberately exacerbating the problem so that their story on the sequestration can be borne out even if they have to force enormous aggravation and economic costs on the country. They could have been flexible and prevented this, but they sought out a way to enact their own version of the Washington Monument strategy.

And Daniel Henninger visits how much of the Patriot Act will allow authorities to investigate the Boston bombing. Despite all the criticisms that the left had for the law, we now have bipartisan support for its measures and the Obama administration and Harry Reid encouraged its reauthorization.

Nearly six months after Hurricane Sandy, FEMA still hasn't visited half of the over hundred schools closed as a result of the hurricane. And until they visit the schools, they can't sign off on repairs. I thought that Obama ordered all the red tape to be cut to help people affected by the hurricane.

The project that Obama and Jerry Brown are pushing for California is so last century. And the budget estimates are laughable. California taxpayers will be on the hook for this so much more deeply than their leaders are telling them.