Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cruising the Web

This is what leads French bus drivers to go out on strike. They don't like their new uniforms. The pants are too tight and they don't like the lavender shade. Is this what workers' rights eventually will come down to?

The cost of regulatory rules in 2012 alone to our economy exceeded the cost of all rules from the 16 years of the Clinton and Bush administrations combined. Remember when Obama announced his administration would cut unnecessary regulations? Yeah, that was worth about as much as his other promises.

So a report from House Republicans on the administration's response to Benghazi alleges that the State Department edited talking points to cover its collective rear end for not "paying attention to Agency [CIA] warnings" about the threat in Benghazi. The report says that the requests for increased security went right up to Secretary Clinton even though the report says there is a cable with that request that bears Hillary Clinton's signature despite her denial under oath. This will probably fall down the same memory hole that the MSM has cast the entire Benghazi story. The administration will allege that this is simply partisanship, but signed cables aren't partisan inventions. The cover-up will have succeeded and Hillary Clinton will still be able to trade on her wholly undeserved reputation as a great Secretary of State. As she said before Congress, "What difference does it make?"

Why does the White House Correspondents' Dinner have a swag suite for celebrities?

Obama's budget still ignores the growth of entitlement spending. How long will we continue down this doomed path?

The executive editor of the New York Times, Jill Abramson, is perturbed that the paper's news coverage isn't "buzzy" enough. And staffers at the Times are telling Politico that they're unhappy with Abramson. That's never good in a newsroom.

Even K Street is suffering financial setbacks. What a shame.

Did you realize how many times the Senate and House are passing legislation without the Constitutionally-mandated quorum?

All Rahm Emanuel has are ad hominem jokes to counter Rick Perry's attempt to lure Chicago businesses to Texas. He can't counter the facts.