Monday, April 22, 2013

Cruising the Web

Ed Driscoll takes the occasion of the return of Mad Men to revisit the year 1968, the year he says America went "off the rails." I was just covering 1968 in both my European and American history classes and it's amazing how many landmark events came together in that one year. Driscoll's summary can serve as your own mini-history lesson. He has some other examples that I'd forgotten.

Europe's carbon-trading plan isn't working out. Erika Johnson points out that America's carbon-dioxide emissions have been declining faster than Europe's due to our own embrace of natural gas instead of coal. And we did all that without needing to sign on to the Kyoto Protocols.

Rachel Alexander discusses the trend of claiming one has been offended in order to shut down political debate.

Planned Parenthood has admitted that they knew what was going on in Kermit Gosnell's abortion clinic and didn't report it, leaving it up to the women to complain. Wouldn't they also have a concern about conditions endangering women seeking abortions there?

In twisting themselves to try to explain that the fact that radical Islam has nothing to do with the Boston Marathon bombing, some people are saying some truly dumb things. While they don't want to see any connection to radical Islam, they are happy to jump to foundationless conclusions trying to tie the bombing to right-wing extremists.

Megan McArdle explains the "Myth of the Bargaining Chip" which explains Obama's loss on gun control. By demanding more, they got less.

John Fund highlights a side benefit of government being broke: there is less money for politicians to use as bribes.

The law speeding through Congress now to impose an online tax hike is, surprise, surprise very poorly written.

Stuart Taylor summarizes how race-based affirmative action makes things worse for those it is supposed to benefit.

Sean Trende highlights the coming split within the Democratic Party as governors and local politicians have to choose between raising taxes on suburban constituencies or cutting spending for poorer supporters. Such fissures are the normal historical result when our parties expand their coalitions to contain disparate voters.


mark said...

Reading the link regarding Planned Parenthood, there is nothing to indicate they knew of the horrors that were going on in the clinic. It looks like manipulation of a quote. Was it (the quote) a specific response to what we now know about the Gosnell clinic, as the author makes it appear?

Rick Caird said...

Uh Mark, about the third sentence into the article, we get:

* **************
"This week, Planned Parenthood Southeast Pennsylvania president and CEO Dayle Steinberg, speaking at a fundraiser, no less, admitted that she knew what was going on at Gosnell’s butcher shop. She and her organization did not report it to state health officials or anyone else who could have stepped in.

So what was the abortion organization’s response? Try this: Steinberg said they left it up to the traumatized women themselves to report the horror: “We would always encourage them to report it to the Department of Health,” she said.

* ********************************

Steinberg explicitly admits she knew what was going on. So, how can you say "there was nothing to indicate she did".

equitus said...

Hey, Rick. Get ready to be personally attacked...

mark said...

I doubt the quote used was in direct response to finding out all the facts about the Grosness clinic. Besides being despicable, it would provoke a huge outcry against her and Planned Parenthood.

This is what she said on April 16, according to
In an April 16 statement on the Gosnell trial, Dayle Steinberg, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania, said: "Gosnell is a criminal who preyed upon vulnerable women, and committed illegal acts.

"As health care providers who work every day to protect women's health and safety, we are outraged by his criminal behavior and hope he is held accountable," she continued. "All health care providers must be regulated, and these regulations should be based on health care needs -- not on politics.

It wasn't too long ago several conservative blogs reported that Obama's "response" to devastating hurricanes (which included fatalities) was to be an Obama shirt. That was a lie, and I believe this quote was completely taken out of context. People who constantly complain about the "lame-stream" media might try to use a bit more ethics.

mark said...

No sense of irony?
You've called me a fascist, accused me of befriending pedophiles and rapists, and enjoying abortions as a "blood-sport".
There's no reason to make up stuff about you. Your own words expose you for what you are.

For example:
Last, First, MI said...
Identities? Identify ANY Democrat that has demanded that Bob Menendez, child prostitute customer and Democratic Party Senator from New Jersey, step aside and cooperate fully with the current FBI investigation.10:37 AM

equitus said...

My question, again: Identify ANY Democrat that has demanded that Bob Menendez, child prostitute customer and Democratic Party Senator from New Jersey, step aside and cooperate fully with the current FBI investigation.
1:31 AM
equitus said...
mark, it's only in your head that I've created a new identity.

And here's another:
Last, First, MI - "Why does the left embrace the racist, genocidal policies of Margaret Sanger?"

Mark - "I don't know who David Foster is but I'd have his baby.'

Last, First, MI - "?!"

Mark - "Really? Do you actually expect me to explain why I have no morals when I'd rather give David Foster a tongue bath than make an inept attempt to explain why I am nothing more than a left wing bootlick?"

Last, First,"Well, yes, Mark. I would think that if you feel so strongly about something, you would not hesitate to stand up for your beliefs. You might even want to explain why it is that you think the quaint idea of a nuclear family is outmoded in the face of a state supported single parent model, or even better, a government funded abortion mill alternative."

Mark - "Republicans have launched a war on women!"

Last, First, MI - "Calm down, Mark. Take a breath and tell us why you think the left has ignored the national tragedy of abortion mills and the likes of Kermit Gosnel."

Mark - (Swooning) "David Foster is dreamy."

John A said...

Internet Sales Tax -

Will this also apply to, say, a Massachusetts resident ordering a bed from an outlet in North Carolina via an advert in the New York Times? HAH!

In partial defense of Amazon, the original language did not have any floor at all and Amazon said they would fight unless a floor of at least 500K/year was added. Oh, and a search there for the subject did not come up with any direct result for a package/service to handle it other than one EXTERNAL link to a company offering the service: pergaps the reference is about companies who sell through Amazon to get advertising and customers by being in Amazon searches while Amazon itself does not handle the actual transfer of the product[s] (e.g. Ace Hardware) and taxes are computed/reported via the Amazon shopping cart?

Rick Caird said...

I love how you debate, Mark. Here we have a quote in the article that directly contradicts your statement and when I call you on it, you dissemble by saying "I doubt...". You have no evidence, only "doubt".

Now, to support your doubt, you take a published statement regarding the trial and use that as an alternative. But, remember, your initial claim was there was nothing in the article to support the headline. I have shown there was and your "doubt" is not a counter argument.

equitus said...

No evidence is more than enough for mark, Rick. Witness his response to me above. He almost never has a counter-argument, so he launches into personal tirades instead (based on his own fantasies, of course).

In other words, mark is a perfect exemple of today's Democrat. Thanks, mark!

mark said...

Conservatives who are so cynical about the mainstream media will lap up anything the conservative media doles out. No lesson learned from the Daily Caller disgrace? Perhaps you think Obama really did tell hurricane victims to buy an Obama tank-top. He is a foreign-born commie, after all. Fox news told me so.
Personally, I know that both liberal and conservative outlets take quotes out of context. Too bad you lack the intelligence and/or honesty to question anything you hear from like-minded people.
Given the disregard shown here for the Constitution during equitus' Menendez meltdown, it's not much of a surprise.

mark said...

Now, I realize that those who automatically lap up the words of conservative media will reject the words of liberal media, but if you read the original Phillynews post, you'll see the quote is being twisted. Whether you admit it or not is up to you. Obviously, politics trumps truth here.

Rick Caird said...

Wow, Mark still has no counter arguments except to claim a direct quote is not a direct quote or is "misleading".

He then invokes MediaMatters. When anyone invokes MediaMatters or ThinkProgress, he has already lost. It is the current version of Godwin's law.

mark said...

Just in case anyone is interested in the truth, here is a letter from Sternberg explaining what the quote was in reference to. I'll go ahead and assume Rick will pretend to not believe it.

Clarifying comments about Gosnell clinic

In a recent article about a forum on women's health and rights , I was quoted as saying that some women complained to Planned Parenthood staff over the years about Kermit Gosnell's facility, and our staff told them to report it to the state. This does not fully reflect what I actually said.

I said the same thing that I have been saying over the last two years: When Gosnell was arrested, I asked our staff if anyone had ever heard of him, and clinic staff members reported that a few women over the years said they were concerned about the uncleanliness of his facility and came to Planned Parenthood instead.

Our staff told these women that issues of cleanliness should be reported to state officials. If we had heard anything remotely like the conditions that have since come to light about Gosnell's facility, of course we would have alerted the state and other authorities.

Nobody who believes in good health care, access to safe and legal abortion, and respect for women would ever look at Kermit Gosnell's facility and call it a health-care center. He preyed on women in their most vulnerable moments.

Dayle Sternberg
President and CEO
Planned Parenthood
Southeastern Pennsylvania