Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Cruising the Web

Irony alert: President Obama who has increased the national debt by over $50,00 per household has proclaimed that April is National Financial Capability Month. How sad that he has rejected the idea of being a national role model for financial capability.

And the Democratic Party has followed in their leader's footsteps as the DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz says that the party is in the red having gone into debt to win the 2012 elections.

Oh, and notice how the West Wing doesn't have any sequester cuts planned. But the Office of Management and Budget is furloughing 480 employees for the sequester. Well, will anyone miss them?

Chicago is now becoming Paris without the charm. In one night 20 cars were smashed in overnight by hoodlums. Nothing was stolen - just the joy of vandalism.

Ed Morrissey explains how Barack Obama is just in it for himself as his new personal political organization won't share moey or its e-mail list with the DNC.

Is there such a lack of professors of social work that Columbia University has to hire a former Weather Underground radical as a Scholar-in-Residence who went to prison for her involvement in a robbery of an armored-car that ended up killing two policemen and a Brinks guard? That's what students can get for their money.

Don't rent out your apartment to Arianna Huffington. She'll trash it worse than a frat party.

Now Muslims are attacking Lego and their playset for Jabba's Palace in their Star Wars collection.

The cost of Obama's trip to give a speech in Colorado on gun control and go to a fund-raiser in San Francisco would pay for one year's budget for White House tours. As if there weren't places around Washington that he could make the same photo op and speech.

Of course, who expects Obama to cut his personal spending? He and his wife have demonstrated that they don't care at all about the perception that they're spending lots of taxpayer money for their personal high-spending lifestyle.

Excellent! A U.S. District Court judge has ordered a loser in a suit against Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus to pay the legal costs for their frivolous animal cruelty suit. Of course, animal-rights activists are screaming that they should have to pay for abusing the legal proces and the court's time.

What Paul Krugman neglected to tell readers in his column praising California's supposed comeback.

The Obama administration is postponing implementation of Obamacare regulations for small businesses.

John McWhorter defends black conservatives and the leftist argument that such contrarians do not hold back the entire race. Imagine that - having a diversity of views is now something that has to be defended.

Everything you might have thought you knew about Ponce de Leon is wrong. The whole Fountain of Youth thing is a total myth to rank up there with George Washington chopping down the cherry tree.

One of my favorite historians, Robert Remini, has passed away. There was no one better on the Jacksonian era. He was great on Andrew Jackson and I particularly enjoyed his biography of Henry Clay.