Friday, March 08, 2013

Cruising the Web

Byron York explains how President Obama could easily fix the problems associated with sequestration cuts, but doesn't want to. They just don't want the responsibility to make tough spending decisions. It's easier to evade responsibility and then go grandstand around the country. Such is Obama's sense of what leadership is.

Matthew Continetti suggests the Republicansenjoy Obama's recent setbacks since they'll probably mess things up sooner rather than later.

Of course, it helps when the White House keeps jumping over the sequester shark.

Instead of worrying about size of the soft drink choices of New Yorkers, perhaps Mayor Bloomberg should be concerned about the huge numbers of students who graduate from New York City schools without having mastered basic skills in reading, writing, and math.

Thomas Sowell explains what we should understand about social mobility in the United States.

The Washington Post Fact-checker chides the administration again on departing from the truth in claims about the effects of the sequester on federally funded vaccines.

Peter Berkowitz and Peggy Noonan do a very good job of taking on Sam Tanenhaus's criticisms of conservatives as latent racists.

Finally, a day after Senator Paul's filibuster, Eric Holder has figured out what the administration's policy is on killing Americans who are not enemy combatants. Of course, he released his letter to the press, not to the Senator who asked for it.

Hugo Chavez's body is set to be permanently displayed. Such cult of a leader is so last century.

Justice Kennedy is worried about the Supreme Court usurping the role of elected legislators.
Calling it a "serious problem," Kennedy lamented, "a democracy should not be dependent for its major decisions on what nine unelected people -- from a fairly narrow background, a legal background -- have to say."
Well, it's about time that the Court realized this.

Explaining why ideological labels are a good thing.